martedì, dicembre 19, 2006

Baskin Robbins in Springfield- you're officially dead to me.

You know why.

Completely unrelated, but am I horrible person because it irks me soooo much that my roommates eat my food? Grrr....

mercoledì, dicembre 13, 2006

maybe all i need is a shot in the arm

Today, as I was reaching new heights of being a bad employee, I stumbled onto an internet discussion about "ghetto lattes." Apparently, the ethics of ordering an iced americano and then adding some amount of half and half to make it latte-like has various members of the legal community up in arms. No, seriously. There are blogs and discussion forums devoted to this topic. Wikipedia has a "ghetto latte" entry. What I want to know is how exactly did this come about? Was it one person, who told his friends, and word just spread? Did multiple people come up with the idea until it became a national phenomenon*? And furthermore (and perhaps most baffling), was the University of Chicago Law professor serious when he said he didn't drink coffee and only ordered hot chocolate. Of all the various issues that a ghetto latte has raised, I find the professor who eschews caffeine by far the most baffling.

I was craving brownies, so I headed to my local Safeway. As I waited in
the check out line, a foreign man came up to the checker and asked
where the brandy was. The check out guy answered that Safeway doesn't sell
liquor, and that the man would have to go to a liquor store (seriously,
Oregon- and for that matter, most other states in the nation- what is
that all about?). As he began to explain where the nearest liquor store
was, theforeign man interrupted and asked if there was a liquor store
on I-5, as he was travelling north, and didn't want to stray too far
from the freeway. Is it just me, or is there something off in this
story? Generally when I'm driving long distances, I don't find myself
needing to stop in the middle for booze. But hey, maybe that's just me.

I stumbled onto this website. This woman takes romance novel covers and changes
the titles for instant hilarity.
For example:

It's wrong, but it makes me giggle:

Okay, so that's enough randomness for one night.

Or is it???

* apparently, for me a national phenomenon constitutes internet discussions on multiple websites

mercoledì, dicembre 06, 2006

sartorial sunday

My friend Kris showed me this shirt, and I basically thought it was the coolest design ever. Its called "The Communist Party" and was found at

And now its sold out. *sigh* My hipster visions have now died a quiet death.

As I was nursing my sadness, I stumbled onto this shirt and found quite possibly the best bit of advertising that I've seen as of late. The dude who made it also made a short video where the cardboard robot jumps out and chases the dude in the shirt. And yes, the special effects are awesome!

Completely unrelated, but I'm loving on tv on the radio's "return to cookie mountain"

its definitely recommended listening.

giovedì, novembre 30, 2006

To Live and Die in Eugene

Dear Eugene,

So I've lived in your fair city for over two months now* and I have some issues I'd like to voice... er, write.

1. Radio stations.
Now, I appreciate the availability of KWVA- the local college station- anytime I feel like listening to random undiscovered music and other assorted randomness, you are most often there for me. And NPR, how can one live without NPR? The country stations are decent, as is the oldies/classic rock. But your rock stations suck. Could we possibly listen to something other than Mudvayne? Maybe some Radiohead, some Wilco, some Sufjan Stevens, some anything? Portland has 94.7, it broadcasts all the way past Salem, why can't they just go a bit further? Or perhaps you, Eugene, could take the iniative and start playing decent music.

That would be great, thanks.

2. Drivers
Now okay, I admit, I'm from California, and am therefore biased to a let's say, speedier point of view. And, honestly, I'm fine with the drivers who prefer to take things slow. (Even if driving 5+ miles under the speed limit does seem a little obscene) But if you're going to be slow and annoying, could perhaps try not to kill me?! I don't think this is asking too much. Maybe everyone could stay in their lanes, look before they merge, oh and even, I don't know, use their blinkers?!


3. The rain/weather
Ohmygod. Anytime you want to stop, that would be wonderful. Oh, and then when its blessedly not pouring down apocolyptically on my head, maybe it could be... warm? And by warm, I mean perhaps more than 35 degrees? Also (and this just might be me), but my hair has been super staticky... so if you could do something about that too, it would be great, thanks.


4. Darimarts.

Is there something about Darimarts that just screams "meth heads! homeless men wearing quilts! grandmothers who buy steel reserve with their young impressionable grandchildren in tow! come one, come all!" I only wish I made this up, and hadn't, on several different occasions seen all of the aforementioned people at one Darimart or another.

On second though, maybe I'll just stop going to the Darimarts...

Okay, so that's all can I think of for now. But Eugene, you should now know that you're On Notice for these infractions. I expect to see some changes soon.

your pal, Alexandra

*so to be fair, technically I live in Springfield, which is basically Eugene, just with more meth heads.

lunedì, novembre 13, 2006

My old post is new again (its so postmodern)

Um, I meant to post this two weeks ago and... Apparently didn't. Yay me.

I went to Claremont and I all I got was this Cat o' nine tails..

... and a cowboy hat... and a gumby dreidel... and a whole lot of random memories (with pictures!)

Last Saturday I flew down to Southern California to visit family, friends, and In-n-Out (possibly the most important of all). After a fog-laden drive up to Portland (I literally did not see the sun until I was in the plane, flying into the sky) and an excellent adventure with airport security (where the twa man told me to get new shoes... thanks), I was once again in the balmy land of Claremont.

Er, actually I was at the Ontario Airport, where my wonderful friend Tina picked me up, only to drop me off at the mall. Yes, the mall. I was there to meet up with other friends, not because I missed the Montclair Plaza. We decided it was quite the '909' thing to do though. After being thoroughly frightened by the state of today's youth, I found my other friends and all was right with the world. Actually, all became truly right when I got myself (courtesy of Michael and Seth) to that all holy site of goodness and wonderfulness: In-n-Out. And it never tasted better.

We also went to Trader Joes, where I found two buck chuck at its normal and right price, two dollars! (Oregon, you're still on notice for that one)

We found this at the Halloween store. And were probably way too amused.

After that, I headed back to Claremont, saw some more friends, wandered the streets with Chris and a beer and got myself prepared for the evening's festivities. This preparation included an emergency visit to Tara's as I tried to make a boy's haircut out of a women's wig. Oh, then we had to take pictures on campus. So for all those whom drove up College Ave around 6:30 that Saturday, yes that was me on the statue. And yes, I actually was dressed up for Halloween.

(My costume was Mark from Rent, so basically I looked like a guy who liked to wear flannel and had a really, supremely bad blond haircut, who also liked to take pictures on the CGU wall)

I met up with everyone at Elaine's house for pizza and wine before the main event (part one); Terence's annual kick ass Halloween party.

Good times were had by all. Especially Jesus.

mercoledì, novembre 08, 2006

never trust the sun

This morning when I woke up the sun was shining. It was brilliant. I began to feel bad for all the negative thoughts I had recently been having about Eugene.

More importantly, I put on cute shoes.

Oh, if only I had known.

After an exciting morning signing papers and getting fingerprinted (for my teaching, yes, teaching! In a classroom at a school! Granted it's with potentially at-risk middle schoolers who might stab me... but still, teaching-yay!) I went to kill time at Barnes & Noble* and when I re-emerged, the sun had completely disappeared! And once again it was raining. And my adorable shoes were getting soaked.


Later, my day got even more exciting as I went to the county courthouse to get fingerprinted for my other job (seriously, what is with employers in Oregon? Do I not look trustworthy enough to deal with your mentally disabled and/or children?) only to arrive in the middle of a fire drill. I got to stand outside in the cold (but thankfully not rainy at the moment) with all the other county employees for a while before a mass herding began back into the building. After wandering the many (and confusing) halls, I finally found where I was supposed to go and was once again recorded in the state of Oregon. When I left the building, it was raining again.

My poor shoes.

*B&N was playing the latest Decemberists album, which if anyone wanted to purchase for me, they are as always, more than welcome.

martedì, novembre 07, 2006

random thoughts on a random tuesday

Its raining. A lot. And apparently it won't ever stop. Until April that is.

So I was supposed to go workout with Lindsey, but bailed. Now I'm sitting in my house, contemplating the never-ending rain and eating mini melty mints. Or whatever they're called. They should be called heaven. Because that's what they are.

This morning I learned that when I get the desire to give myself side-swept bangs, I should in no circumstances ever actually pick up the scissors. Thank god for scarves and bobby pins.

Actually I'm being a little overly melodramatic here. They're not that bad. But the aforementioned thanks still stand.

So I bought these beautiful brown pants from a thrift store a few weeks ago. I love them. They fit wonderfully, and I recently learned that they're actually a size smaller than I had previously thought. (Even though we all know numbers are arbitrary and are all part of the knowledge-power complex that is created by society... I don't care, it's a smaller number, yay!) But they have these random slits up the side. For about six inches on each pant leg. It makes no sense. So I safety-pinned them. Johnny Rotten, eat your heart out.

Have I mentioned the rain? Ugh.

lunedì, novembre 06, 2006

most parents send care packages. mine send hemingway quotes.

I got an email from my mother the other day. There was no greeting, wondering how I was, not even a "love mom."

No, instead there was this quote from Hemingway.

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry. ~ Ernest Hemingway"

I'm not entirely certain what it means (although I have some ideas). I do know that when I was home last weekend, my mother and I talked about Hemingway, so I'm assuming that's why she sent this to me. But I think its pretty indicative of my family and our quirks.

giovedì, novembre 02, 2006

The rain is melting away my sanity

So I'm currently writing a grant proposal to the Safeway Foundation for a film festival in Bend (one of the fastest growing cities in the US- interesting tid bit).

I have absolutely no idea how to write a grant, however. Instead I am writing pithy, nonsensical sentences that make me giggle.

Oh, and it's for our director (ie. the most important person in the office, and the person who could most easily fire my ass).

This can only end badly.

Unrelated, but if any one wanted to buy me the latest Mars Volta album, it would be greatly appreciated.

lunedì, ottobre 23, 2006

4pm now means good morning

Today I learned that if you're in a bad a mood and/or do not want to be around people, being a glorified receptionist is probably not the wisest career choice.

Especially if you choose to work in the non-profit sector.

It does help the pay the bills, though.*

On a completely unrelated, yet happier note, In-n-Out is 882.7 miles and less than five days away!


*Apparently its recommended that one does this on a monthly basis, thus preventing one's subsequent incarceration and other related unpleasantries.

venerdì, ottobre 20, 2006

My nose is slowly being rubbed raw.

And there's blueberry cream pie that is taunting me from the kitchen.



Fridays in the ofiice to be exact.

I am not a fan. And apparently my ennui (is that even the right word? Do I care?) is presenting itself in this very strange literary fashion.

What is that all about?

Today I read about a Californian congressional candidate (from the OC) who has been kicked out of the midterm race, bercause -get this- he was caught sending threatening letters to Hispanic voters. Apparently, he wanted them to stay away from the polls come November 6th.

Nice. I'm reminded of Reconstruction (only this time; much less lynching, much more public outrage... so that's a good thing at least)'

Can I go home yet?

martedì, ottobre 17, 2006

my amazing work ethic strikes again

So this is what happens when I feel crappy (ie. sickness in my throat = not good), my bosses leave early, and I have no worth ethic (although to be fair that last condition is basically me everyday). I end up finding random sites on the internet and subsequently come across fun stories. For example:

Drunk Norwegian breaks into prison

OSLO, Norway - In a different kind of jail break, a very drunk young man surprised prison guards by breaking into their northern Norway jail. "You might say we were a bit perturbed to find this person on our turf," prison warden Geir Broen said on the state radio network NRK on Monday.
Broen said the district prison in the Arctic town of Bodoe is rebuilding its outer fence, and that the man broke through a section of temporary fencing.

The weak fence is of no help to real prisoners seeking a way out, since they are confined within the walls of the jail compound.

The Norwegian, identified only as being in his 20s, was apparently was trying to find his way home after a Friday night party.
"I don't think this guy knew where he was, and he was pretty well under the influence," Broen said on the radio.

When police came to pick up the man to take him home, he told them he thought he was in Moerkved, a neighborhood about 6 miles east of the prison.

"I guess you could say this was notable day in the history of the Bodoe Jail," Broen said. "But I hope we don't have many similar incidents in the future."

(giving credit where credit is due, I found the story at:

On an unrelated note, today I got yelled at on the phone (when the person they were trying to reach was unavailable, the person on the phone decided it would be nice to freak out on me) and also had an interesting conversation with a man who told me it was both 9am and 7pm. What exactly am I supposed to say in these occurrences?

venerdì, ottobre 13, 2006

radiohead - nobody does it better

I *heart* Dwight

mercoledì, ottobre 11, 2006

eyeballs and other life issues

Is it possible for an eye to hurt? As in the actual eyeball? I swear my left one is having some serious issues. And we all know how I already have some serious issues with all things optical, this does not a good day make.

Apparently this is also a day for not making sense.

But alas, I shall strive to struggle on.

So last week, being the over-achiever that I am, I decided to have a quarter-life crisis and basically question everything I was doing with said life. At one point, while talking to my mom, I thought it would be a good idea to confide in her. She was actually (surprisingly) supportive of my life as I know it and confidant that I was doing the right things, etc etc.

But now, I swear, she and my father have been calling me everyday with ideas for what I could do with my life; both short term and long. So far they've come up with ides like:
I should create an art exhibit here in Oregon, and then "shop it" to our governator.
Or I should contact the History Channel and develop a series for them based on my thesis.
Apparently I could also create an Oregonian Art Ark program (never mind the confidentiality clauses I signed at the Crocker) and travel to local schools with it.

Now, I love my parents, and think their ideas are actually kind of cool. But the actuality of me implementing them is slightly far-fetched, right? Like I'm going to just call up Arnold and say "hi, I have cool arts program, want to give me some money for it?"

Than again, crazier things have happened. Congress recently passed a bill that allocates 20 million dollars for a giant victory party for when we win the war in Iraq.

So there you go. Maybe when we have that giant party, I'll have figured out what to do with my life.

domenica, ottobre 08, 2006

So how do you start a post on a blog that you haven't written in for months? I have absolutely no idea. So here's a random image. It makes me laugh. And you should too.

So anyway, these past few months have been good despite the lack of documenting them. I got to ride everyday, and while there were definite moments of aggravation (mostly from horses who thought it would be more fun to do their own thing rather than listen to their rider) I really can't complain. I mean how can you, when you're doing something that you love, and getting paid (albeit not as much as I would have liked) to boot? Of course now the conviction that this is exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life is stronger than ever. How I'm going to pull this off is still undecided however. *sigh*

La Grande was a good place to spend the summer. I'm glad it wasn't longer though. While it was beautiful, and many of the people very nice, it can be a tough place to live. Especially if you want to go to an art museum, or a bookstore, or a coffee shop. Or perhaps meet someone your age who doesn't a) live with his parents still or b) have children of his own or c) have a mullet. But like I said, I got to play polo, so I guess you win some, you lose some, right?

I did quite a bit of traveling as well this summer. Some for polo, some for random adventures. Visiting Claremont is always wonderful (as is spending time with my good friends) and also sad at the same time (because everytime I go, I know its only for a short bit of time and that soon I'll be leaving). There's a German word for this feeling, right? I just can't think of it right now.

Which also reminds me, I am doing okay not being in school! This is my first class-free fall, and it is not good. Which makes me even more certain that I want to go back to school. Now if I can just convince myself to be alright with making a definite decision... *sigh*

So now I'm in Eugene, working at a non-profit, living in a duplex, meeting interesting people. The summer is definitely over, and fall has brought some changed. Mostly good, which is nice. I'm excited to be an urban area once again. Of course I miss riding everyday- a lot. But all in all its good.

This is from my new favorite artist-Banksy. He's a British graffiti artist in the vein of Shepard Farley and basically gives me hope for the artworld of today. He went to Palestine, and under the cover of police protection (a definite irony) worked on the (horrible) wall Israel erected. Very cool stuff.

lunedì, luglio 17, 2006

some math for you

nose + horse* = pain


ice + nose = goodness

*today i got smacked in the face by a horse who was lunging away from another horse. Definitly an unpleasant feeling.

I have to go to court for a traffic fine (remember when I got pulled over last decemebr liz?) next Monday. I can't decide if the puffy nose and black eyes will work in my favor (they take pity on me) or against me (they decide that I look like a felon and therefore judge me accordingly)... I suppose only time will tell.

Time and ice that is...

giovedì, giugno 29, 2006


I leave for my first tournament (in three years!) in a few hours!!!

Can we say excited?

lunedì, giugno 05, 2006

Oregonian Al

What happened to the last few weeks?

Well, I finished (short of a language test) my master's degree. Best sentence ever: "Your thesis was a joy to read and I am fully approving it." Woo hoo! Makes the 88 pages (112 if you include bibliography and pictures) worth it. And yes, I'm bagging about its length, because let's face it. That was one long thesis!

I then returned all my (102) library books, packed up my house, sent all my (other) books and assorted furniture to live at my parents, packed up my car and headed up to La Grande, OR where I now live (for now).

I've already played some polo and while my swing is nowhere where it should be, and I'm massively out of shape, I've been having one kick ass time!

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update, still working out the internet situation, etc etc., but I wanted to check in with my new status: Almost a master, according to the government unemployed, playing polo, and generally relaxing before I have to return to the real world (where I will hopefully have acquired a job). So that's the buzz from Oregon (yay!)

venerdì, maggio 19, 2006


I'm going to my surprise going away party tonight. Wanna come?

My wonderful wonderful friends in Claremont are throwing me one. I don't know any of the details, and I wouldn't even know about it, except I recieved a mass email mentioning it.

No one has ever thrown me a surprise party before. I'm very excited :)

mercoledì, maggio 17, 2006

I'm not talking about ethics, I'm talking about morals

Yesterday, in the middle of the my three hour work shift, I visited my friend Brad (who also works on campus) who made me breakfast. I told my coworkers, " I have to go to campus" and then came back an hour later with absolutely no explanation of where I was. No one asked.

Oh, and here's some words that I love:







et al.




There's a lot more, these are just the ones that I can think of right now.

venerdì, maggio 12, 2006

I was supposed to post this on Friday

So the past few weeks have been pretty insane. I finished up with classes, finished my thesis, took a language exam, went to Coachella, went to a Renaissance Faire, slept very little, spent many hours in the library, more at coffee shops and even more at my computer.


So technically, I'm not really done, as I have revisions to make on a seminar paper, possible revisions on the thesis, and I'm waiting to hear back from my language exam.

But I don't care!

As soon as I get off work today (in an hour) I'm going to a pool party at my friend Chris' house. I'm going to lie in the sun (wearing sunblock of course) and read something mindless.

And it was good.

So anyway, enough about grad school. I'm going to write about my time at Coachella, which pretty much kicked ass.

I went the week before my final week of classes, which probably wasn't the best idea as I had papers and a presentation that following week, but it was still worth it.

We got to Palm Springs in the early evening on Saturday, where I promptly dropped off some people and Tara and I went to the polo club. I stick and balled one of Sue Sal's ponies (one who I helped break years ago!) and even got Tara on the horse hitting a ball! It was soooo nice and got me really excited for the summer.

Its always a little sad when I go down there, because I remember Sal and my childhood, but mostly I feel really honored to have had those memories. I hope I can continue to make Sal proud.

After I finished riding, Tara and I met up our friends, had some good Mexican food, and then hung out at Shana's totally sweet condo. Seriously, it was way nice, and all we had to pay was the cleaning service fee. Major score. We had a good time hanging out, playing card games in the condo, and then I had to crash so I would have energy for the day ahead.

*actually had to do work, and then had more crazy days, so now its Tuesday night and I'm finally finishing this post*

Sunday I attempted (and failed) to study before we headed out to Coachella. After a pit stop at Big Lots (for sun glasses) and Denny's (for fatty yet filling food) and an hour long slow procession into parking we were there!

And ohmygosh, was it hot! Seriously. I forget how hot it can get in the desert. And insane! There were people everywhere, music playing, smoke billowing.

Here's who I saw:
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. very fun indie rock band. The drummer was insane, and all were impressed with how much the band rocked out inspite of the heat.
Minus the Bear. sooo good! They played all my favorite songs and everyone got to rock out.
Wolf Parade. had a lot of technical difficulties, so I only got to see four songs, but it was nice to get into the tent for a bit and have a repsite from the ungodly heat.
Bloc Party. freakin' awesome! Everyone was dancing, and totally enjoying themselves. They sound really good live. I was impressed :)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs. quite possibly my favorite group of the night. I had heard some of their music, but wasn't too into them, but man did they give a good show. Karen O is my new hero as she kicked some major musical ass. Soooo good!
Madonna. that's right, freakin' Madonna! Tara and I ended up sneaking behind a couple who consisted of a small woman and a very large man who cut a path through the thousands deep crowd outside of the tent and got us into the tent. They were so nice, and after they noticed what we were doing, would grab us to keep up with them. I told them if I hadn't had been so gross, I totally would have hugged them. I think they appreciated the sentiment. Once we got into the tent, we lost our friends, but the madness of the tent pushed us forward into the front third of the tent. I have never had so many gay men press against me in my life (and I lived in DC!). Worth every sweaty push. Because I freakin' saw Madonna in concert. And say what you will about her, she totally brought it. The woman is amazing.
Mogwai. caught the end, lots of lights, good music. Its Mogawi, how could it not be awesome. Tara and I laid in the grass and chilled.
The Go Team! another kick ass band with a frontwoman. Sooo much fun, I danced non-stop. Totally spastic uncaring free dancing. If you've never listened to their music, do yourself a favor- totally unique and awesome band.
Tool. Maynard came out and called us all hippies who he was going to "paper, scissor, rock and roll." And yeah, he pretty much did. Didn't get nearly close enough as I would have liked, but it was unbelievable. Definitly a kick ass show.
I also caught a bit of Digible Planets, Massive Attack, Coheed and Cambria, Los Amigos Invisibles, and while I did not personally see him, James Blunt and his creepy creepy eyes was felt. That dude is weird.

It took us almost two hours to get out of Indio and onto the freeway, and then just as long to get back to Claremont, but fortunately Michael drove. I was hot, smelly and gross. I probably inhaled more than oxygen. I saw some amazing bands, and a whole bunch of crazy people. All in all, a good time.

sabato, aprile 29, 2006

need a book?

So I literally have a small walkway carved out in my room which leads from my bed to the door. The rest of my floor space is covered with books, papers, more books, sometimes my computer, oh yeah, and some books.

Apparently in the madness that was writing a thesis, I forgot that I also had two seminar papers due. Oh yay.

Sadly, I have very little in the way of exciting things to report from my life. I've seen more of my friends in the library than out of it. Its like the new social scene in Claremont. All the cool kids are there. Seriously, though. I actually had to leave the other day because I was running into too many friends and wasn't getting any work done. Who ever said grad school isn't cool?

Oh, but this afternoon, I'm going to Indio (the poor man's Palm Springs) to go riding.. and then tomorrow the Coachella music festival! Which, yes, is exciting!

So that's about it for the day. Back to writing about fascism.

lunedì, aprile 24, 2006

"I'm not dead yet! I'm feeling much better!"

Yes, I know, I've been excessivly lame about writing lately. My theory is that my thesis took all my words- I literally used them all up. But its coming to a close- think good thoughts that I'll finish my revisions this week and it will be accepted and I'll turn it in and turn in my books and not think about women and art and the fin-de-siecle, except to reminisce about those crazy months where I went a little insane writing and editing and writitng, oh my.

As you can tell, I'm still a little loopy. I have about three weeks left of grad school, which is swiftly becoming a mightily fearful entity in my mind. But also an exciting one. This summer should be interesting (although also sad, as I'll be leaving my Claremont friends and life behind). Of course first I have to finish my course work (yes, I still have two more papers to write, ugh!), so we'll see how that goes.

But I promise I'm going to be better about writing, because lord knows, my life is still full of randomness and strange occurances. :)

mercoledì, marzo 29, 2006

walden: claremont style

So I just had a random adventure in Claremont, which resulted in discovering that one of my friends is currently living on campus in a tent on four twin mattresses.

Not quite what I was expecting from my Wednesday night.

Initially the night was to contain some coffee and female bonding/bitching about roommates, boys, life in general. But then the Starbucks* closed early, so we decided to relocate to the humanities house. After a discussion of on campus housing, we decided to investigate. Which brought us to the aforementioned tent dweller.

Oh grad school-these are the memories I'll cherish.

*I know, I know. But I had no choice. I didn't order anything, and the only other coffee shop that's open at night in Claremont is where male escorts** apparently hang out.

**how do I know this? I was studying there over the weekend, and heard quite an interesting discussion about the plights and perils of such a lifestyle from an actual male escort. I only wish I made that up.

sabato, marzo 18, 2006

boys and turtles and other things I don't understand

I just unexpectedly spent the past 2.5 hours in the library. I was going to get some more (more?! am I serious?! sadly, yes) books for my thesis (almost done with the rough draft! I'm needing the free printing that I can only get from the CMC-undergrad campus where I illegally print from- computer lab, which sadly is closed until Monday... of course if I was a CMC student, I would be able to use my id card, but alas, I'm a poor cheating grad student, who has to wait until the doors are open to everyone... wow, can we say off topic?)

So anyway, I was getting books for my thesis, when the urge to read came over me, and that's what I've been doing for the past few hours. Hence the spasticness, and the lack of academic productivity at the moment.

This weekend, I'm taking care of my friend Chris' turtle. The same turtle that I took home with me for Christmas, and the same turtle that my mother continues to ask about. However, for this weekend, Chris gave me a key to his house, so I head over twice a day for turtle ministrations. Last night, I went over around 11:30 (after having delicious home-made chocolate mousse with raspberries at Emily's house, so good!) expecting to find a house empty of people (his roommates were to be out of town/living at his girlfriend's respectively). I was slightly confused when I saw all the lights on, but the door as locked, so I made my way in thinking that boys have no conception of energy conservation.

No, actually the roommate who is never there (I've seen him once in the entire I've known Chris/hung out at his house) was in the backroom. Which isn't that weird, no. What was weird was that he didn't even bat an eye or ask what I was doing in his house, or how I got in (remember the locked door?). I hastily explained that I was there to take care of the turtle, his response? "Oh, is Chris gone?" Now I know guys as a rule are not so big on the telling roommates spatial information, but on top of the non-plussed attitude to my appearing in his house, the entire exchange was a little strange.

I mean, if someone who I didn't know showed up inside my locked house in the middle of the night, I would at least wonder how they got in.

Earlier that day, I went to Jiffy Lube to get my car's oil changed, etc etc. As I was standing up at the counter, I left my bookbag in my chair. When I turned around to sit back down, I found a young man sitting in my chair, smooshed up against my bag. Oh, and yes, there were other empty (completely without bags or other assorted items in them) chairs in the room. Again, that's a little strange.

martedì, marzo 14, 2006

spring break part 1

So maybe its the fact that it's technically Spring Break and I have yet to leave Claremont.

Maybe its this thesis that is slowly draining me of my sanity (but I'm over half way done with the rough draft, so that's something, right?!).

Maybe I'm just tired of life as the status quo.

-wow, could I be more dramatic right now?-

Anyhow, I apparently decided to chop off my hair. Again. It's not Natalie Portman short, but its short enough that I can't pull it into a ponytail. This, for me, is a very big deal. My roommate says it makes me look sophisticated. I'm not sure I'm sophisticated enough to look sophisticated. *sigh* I'm thinking that this is just some weird type of buyer's remorse* coupled with sleep deprivation which leads to extreme tiredness, and soon I'll grow to love this look. It is really cute. I'm just not sure it's me. But that's partly what life is about, right?

But really, that's not even what I intended to write about tonight. I was going to write about the random (mis)adventures I've been having as of late. As I said, Spring Break officially began last Thursday (with my last day of class, woo hoo!) and while I still technically had work and thesis writing, and presentation preparing, I was ready to celebrate. It just so happened to be Tara's birthday that night (well, okay, it was her birthday that entire day, if you want to get technical), so we planned a girl's night accordingly. And yes, there are pictures.

The seven of us foxy ladies got gussied up (seriously, how hot are these women?) and started the nigh off right: with cake at Tina's.

First we went to a tapa's bar in Pasadena. It was a pretty chill place, with good 80s songs being played. The bar also played really random Latin-esque music videos (that were in no way related to the music being played) on large screens in the main room. This provided a great amount of entertainment, as we watched women clad in thigh-high white boots (and other assorted, yet equally disturbing outfits) and matching shorts dance across the desert and other exact locales. Briita also really liked rocking out. We all also liked the Sangria.

Apparently everytime we go to Pasadena we have to go to bar where there's a mechanical bull. And apparently everytime we go, I have to ride it. I'm thinking here "please god, don't look like a fool, stay on." Unbeknownst to me, Kari had pointed out me, Tara and Elaine to the bull controller guy (there has got to be a term for that, any suggestions?) as exeperienced riders and that he shouldn't go easy on us. Which he didn't. But we still prevailed. Why? Because we're awesome. (I even got strangers clapping for me when I was done with my second ride, heh)

We are totally sober here. Shut up.

We ended to night at Denny's (because that's where classy girls like us go), where after nearly getting into a fight with a fascist and telling the infamous panther knock knock joke, we decided to call the evening quits. All in a all, a sucessful birthday.

So that was Tara's birthday. As you can tell, we had a pretty good time. Friday was spent chilling out, something I definitely recommend! Tara and I studied at Borders (read gossip magazines) for a bit and then decided to rent a movie. Which was an adventure, as I'm sure the guys who worked there must have thought we were drunk or stoned, or some combination of the two. Then again, we giggled throughout the store, and could barely contain ourselves as we paid. In our defense, if someone told you that you had a remaining balance of $1.33, you would think you has $1.33 left too, right?

Friday night was spent consuming an obscene amount of meat, as my work had a Texan bbq- which thanks to JR's kick ass smoking skills was awesome! After learning about the wonders of fish eye soup, meteor hunting and why you can't buy bear on ebay (I am not making this up, I work with people who have extremely strange interests), I headed out to everyone's favorite bar (okay, the only bar in Claremont) for Emily's "Emily Quit Her Job Party." Lots of random people, lots of silliness ensued. Sadly no hardcore reggae covers, but there was a pretty decent Irish band playing, so that was fun.

The weekend madness continued with a bbq (yes, more food!) at Elaine's on Saturday. The best part was when Elaine called me and asked if I would break into her house to let people in, as she wasn't going to be back in time for her own bbq! Being the good person, I am, I obliged. Good times spent in her backyard with a flashlight. I'm still somewhat surprised her neighbors didn't call the cops on me. And after a while, she finally showed up. Texan dancing (yeah, I have no idea why my weekend was so Texan-tastic either) in the living room fought against gangsta rap in the kitchen. Nothing says graduate school like Dr. Dre's The Chronic. I mean really.

So that's been my Spring so far: food, thesis writing, Texan related activities, hair cutting, bull riding, and now blogging. It's definitely had its moments.

*which is weird, because I didn't even buy anything- Elaine cut my hair for free, and despite my sleep-deprevived weirdness, I can honestly say she did a kick ass job, and I got salad to boot!

sabato, marzo 11, 2006


I hate this thesis.

that's all.

lunedì, marzo 06, 2006

the greatest sentence ever written

And here's some proof that my insanity is not entirely my fault.

This is my new favorite sentence (its from Fasisct Modernism by Andrew Hewitt; a book I'm reading for class this week):

"It is only a decadent decadence that could possibly realize itself in practice--and yet, as a decadent decadence within the very category of the decadent itself, such a decadent decadence might indeed be the purest form of decadence."

good night!

lunedì, febbraio 27, 2006

It's raining

And that's all I will say about that.

My time in Claremont is swiftly coming to a close. Its infiltrating daily thoughts, conversations, dreams. That and my thesis are pretty much all I can think about. And they are inextricably linked, as once I finish one, I must immediately start on the other.

The restless traveler in me wants to run away to Europe, with my savings* cashed out, and all my possessions on my back, as I pick up odd jobs and bum around.

The polo-player in me wants to get a job as a groom and ride and travel on the circuit and be with the horses.

The responsible, extremely freaked out, soon-to-be-graduate with many debts and bills in me knows I should get a job- one which will lead to a career (of some sort) so I can payback said debts and be an active member of society.

Its the rain. It makes me maudlin and think too much.

*savings, hah! don't tell my parents, but I already cashed out this account during last year's holiday season.

mercoledì, febbraio 22, 2006

don't try to hide your jealousy

So technically I should be studying/preparing for my class in 40 minutes. But as I have no idea whats expected of me in this class and no desire to read anymore, I'm going to instead write about how I fell out of my chair today.

Yes, you read that correctly. Today, at work I fell out of my chair. I've reached new levels of gracelessness.

So this is what happened. I was sitting in a rather large desk chair (massive, like a throne on wheels), which was so huge it prevented me from being able sit fully back into the seat. Instead I had to perch on the edge in order to reach the desk. Below the chair was carpet with one of those plastic mat things, so as to enable rolling of the chair. At one point, I attempted to roll the chair closer to my desk, and that's when it happened.

The roller of the chair got caught at the edge of the platic mat thing, and as I was sitting on the edge of the seat, my forward momentum caused the chair not to move, but instead to tip. And out I spilled onto the floor, with the chair falling over me.

And that is why I am officially the coolest person I know.

martedì, febbraio 21, 2006

Don't wake me, I plan on sleeping

I am never donating blood on a college campus again.

For the past day and a half, I've felt like I've had a permanent hangover, minus the fun drinking before. And all I have to show for it are track-like marks on my arm.

No officer, I swear, I don't even know where to get smack.

Okay, enough drug talk. This weekened, I did not go to the beach, lay out in the park, or do much in the way of excitement. Unless you count reading hundreds of pages (yes, thats right, hundreds) about fascism, feminism and the like. Which, in a very sad way, I kind of do.

It actually rained in Claremont over the weekend, complete with cold cold temperatures and the need for fires in fireplaces and scarves on necks. It almost felt like a real winter. Almost. On Sunday, the rain cleared, and the sky and mountains were unbelievable. I attempted to get in touch with my artistic side:

The mountains with clouds

The sky was so beautiful as the sun was setting, so here's a blurry shot.

Sky with trees and power lines. Its so postmodern.

I couldn't do justice to how amazing the mountains looked.

This was taken in my backyard.

So that was probably the most exciting part of my weekend. I also saw an reggae band that covered "I just died in tyour arms tonight" and Pearl Jam's "Daughter." Yeah, I didn't know those songs could be done as reggae either. But the dancing frat guys and their assorted lady friends definitly enjoyed the versions being put out. If nothing else, the night provided much entertainment in the area of people watching. Oh, I was also told that I have a crew. I'm not sure how, or why, but there you have it. I imagine us as a gang, only instead of carrying guns and knives we pack highlighters and pens, and instead of rumbles, we have book clubs. Applications are now being accepted.

Okay, enough silliness. I need to go read and sleep. Hopefully in that order.

lunedì, febbraio 13, 2006

tagging on a monday

Four jobs I've had:
1. after-school tutor
2. pizza maker
3. office assistant
4. barn manager

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. American Beauty
2. Lord of the Rings
3. Napoleon Dynamite
4. Shakespeare in Love

Four places I've lived:
1. Moorpark, CA
2. Davis, CA
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Perugia, Italy

Four TV shows I love:
1. Jeopardy
2. the Daily Show
3. Colbert Report
4. Project Runway

Four places I've vacationed:
1. Madrid
2. Chicago
3. Lichenstein (not so much a vacation as a night spent sleeping in the bus station)
4. NYC

Four sites I visit daily:
1. yahoo
2. myspace (i'm totally addicted, I admit it)
3. cgumail
4. museum websites (looking for jobs)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. the beach
2. London
3. Florence
4. The Met (yeah, that sounds good Liz, lets go!)

Four bloggers I am tagging:
1. Nous Sommes Foutus
2. Michele, the godless Degenerate
all my other blogger friends have been tagged

domenica, febbraio 12, 2006

tan lines!

Yes, its February.

But its February in Southern California. So that means I went to the beach yesterday and laid out in the sunshine. And got some color! Of course as I'm paler than the moon, so it would be more correct to say that I got less pale than that I actually got color. But hey, you work with what you have, right? The point is, that despite the utter unnaturalness of this warm weather (and to my friends in much colder climes, don't hate me! I actually think its wrong for it to be this warm, and it probably says bad things about the state of our environment, and in all honesty I would not mind some actual winter-eqsue weather, as I have some very cute scarves and jackets...) I went to the beach! And got some color!

On a completely different note, our vice-president shot a man on Saturday just to watch him die. (and now the CIA is probably going to be after me, so if you here any clicking noises when you talk to me on the phone, you now know why) Okay, so actually it was while he was quail-hunting, and *technically* an accident, but I'm just sayin'. Coincidence? You make the call.*

*please, if there are any government employees, etc reading this**, please don't send the vice-president to my house with a shotgun.

**why there would be government employees reading this blog, I have no idea.

giovedì, febbraio 02, 2006

I lied

I'm writing a letter to our members asking for more money. In one sentence I used contributions twice, and contribute once.

I need new words.

mercoledì, febbraio 01, 2006


Have you ever had one of those days when you're looking really cute, and your hair is actually behaving yourself, but you don't see anyone? And it's all wasted.

That's been my day.

My hair right now? It's awesome. Doing everything its supposed to. Unbelievably cute. And I never say that.

(and I know, I know that it shouldn't matter, and what's really important is that I noticed... but I notice myself all the time, isn't it someone else's turn?)

hence the *sigh*

(I promise that my next self-deprecating post will be funnier)

Shoot the Piano Player

Last night I had a dream about Kevin Bacon's brother. He was wearing a Member's Only jacket.

It's been a weird week.

lunedì, gennaio 30, 2006

I heart Jon Stewart

Oh man, I just watched the best Daily Show tonight. My love of Jon Stewart grows by leaps and bounds. It almost makes my headache less painfully annoying. Almost. *sigh*

So last night* my bed broke. Yes, that's right- it broke. And no, not for any exciting reasons. Although I do blame my friend Lawrence for the breakage. But that's because he's the one who put my crappy bedframe together. I've had this bed since my sophomore year of college, and pretty much since day one, I've cursed said bed frame. Because its one of those really crappy metal ones that somehow magically fit together in some fashion that I have never been able to figure out. Everyonce in a while, the frame comes apart and there is bed breakage. Which is really fun to be woken up in the middle of the night by suddenly slanting headfirst towards the floor. Of course I can think of better ways to be woken up in the middle of the night.

I found a new coffee shop tonight. Its in a strip mall, next to a Vons and a Gamestop. But its totally local, with free wireless internet, and live music on the weekends. And they played the best music tonight. That's pretty much what sold me. While I was there I heard; Sufjan Stevens, Nina Simone, Elliot Smith, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, some random covers, and lots of other good stuff. I am completely for any place that follows Sufjan Stevens with Nina Simone. That speaks well, eh?

Okay, the headache is taking its toll. Tomorrow is a long day.

*actually the bed breaking happened last week, but we live in a postmodern society where time is arbitrary, so go with it, okay?

domenica, gennaio 22, 2006

miss me?

aaannndddd i'm back!

Currently, I'm working on about three hours of sleep (the oh so lovely consequence of tasty beverages + bedtime at 3:30 + waking up for some godforsaken reason at 6:30), and am feeling rather giddy and awake. Granted, this feeling could pass at any time, so let's take advantage, shall we?

Where have I been for the past month, you might be wondering? Mostly in Claremont, with some adventures in Northern California and Moorpark thrown in. A short list of my activities:

•Went up north the day after my birthday. Drove up with Tara, spent many good hours in the car, listening to our varied collection of tapes and generally being the silly people we are. She actually took me to the oh-so-lovely train station in Fremont (which sadly, was not the sketchiest train station I had the luck to visit up north- more on that later), where I hopped on the Capitol Corridor, and hopped off in Davis and literally into the waiting arms of Paige and Patty. Who, I might add, also met me with chocolate, cheese and crackers. Do my friends know me, or what?

• The rest of my time in Davis was spent with old roommates and friends, and many silly adventures were undertaken. My favorite memory, however, was of introducing Speed Scrabble to my friends and of all the subsequent silliness which followed.

• As vacations go, this one was too short, and before I knew it, I was back on my way down south, and back to Claremont. Spent a few days there, worked a bit, read and slept a lot.

• The holidays were spent at my parent’s house in the ever-exciting Moorpark. Christmas was a family affair complete with yummy food, presents, menorah lighting (it was also the first night of Chanukah, for my gentile friends), movie watching, and of course my father beating down the inflatable Santa that he bought this year. No, that’s not a typo; we really have one, and he really did. I have pictures and everything. If you’re ever wondering why I’m so strange and act so oddly, look at my parents! Its not my fault, its my genes!

• Once again, I returned to Claremont, where I thought I would be for the rest of break. But, as it turned out, I found myself, a few days later heading back up north yet again. A very last minute trip was put together for New Years in Tahoe, with Paige, Patty, Andy, Tara, and some of Paige’s business school friends. I have to say, this was one of the best New Year’s that I’ve celebrated, and even better for all the haphazard planning which went into it.
It turned out that Tracey, Kat, and Susan (Davis friends and sister) were driving up north, so once again I hopped in a car for a quality drive up the I-5 and a drop off at yet another lovely train station. Except this train station was literally in the ghetto (Hayward) and was more of a bench next to some train tracks than a station. But I made it onto the Capitol Corridor, and once again alighted in Davis.
This time, a very inebriated Joe and company picked me up, and once again hugs were involved. Had some lovely dim-sum and lots of laughter before I headed over to Paige’s and the next morning departure for Tahoe. After some setbacks (friends who oversleep/don’t pick up their phones) we were on our way to the cabin in the snow. The drive was harrowing, but Paige got us there in one piece, where we proceeded to hang out, nap (okay, so I read as everyone else napped), and get ready for the night to come. Oh, oh! And we played in the snow, because it started an hour after we got there! Tara and I wandered about outside for a while, and had some good times with snow angels and beautiful scenery. After an unorganized game of Scattergories (all I will say is that Jesus can be a role model no matter what letter you’re technically on) and an even worse game of Balderdash (four people, two of which have never played + missing pieces and directions = quite possibly the worst game ever played) we were ready to start ringing in the new year.
And ring in we did. Speaking of ringing, Tara and I also happened to call a goodly number of people, so if you were one of them, sorry. I think my favorite part of the night, however, was after midnight, Tara, Sam and I took a walk outside, and it was quite possibly one of the most beautiful nights I can remember. I wish I was able to capture in on camera, because the sky and scenery was out of the world. The rest of the night was spent on the sofa bed from hell, or as we aptly named it, the “death taco of sleep” because that was what is felt like; a taco that wanted to kill you with its uncomfortableness. The next day was spent sledding and playing in the snow, and then heading back to Davis, where I hung out with some other Davis friends and basically chilled. All in all, it was a wonderful New Year’s, and I’m so glad that circumstances worked out which allowed me to travel up north again, and see some good friends.

Okay, so remember how I said, er typed, that I could get tired at any minute. Well that time is now. So I promise to continue with my adventures… just not right now, as right now I want to curl up in my warm bed- the only place where its warm at all in my house- and try to make up some of the sleep that I’ve lost.