venerdì, dicembre 10, 2004

ranting about rain

So other night, after watching some quality WB-esqe programing, I started to watch the Channel 5 ten o'clock news. Now to preface this story, Channel 5 is one of the lesser known LA nightly news programs; local, but not excessivly so. So anyhow, the news comes on with its lead story. And what could this most important information about the day story be? Its raining. Seriously. That was the top story- rain. Perhaps there was a lot of rain, a torrential downpour or apocolyptical type rainfall, you might be thinking. No, there wasn't even an inch of rain on the ground. The guy who was reporting this late-breaking story live (from my home town of Moorpark no less) was standing in a light mist. I wish I was making this up. This was a Los Angeles news station, and apparently, the most important thing that happened in the entire Los Angeles basin (with over three million people living in a relatively large area) is that it rained. Sort of. I know here in SoCal, people get freaked out by the rain, and maybe after living in other places where weather can get a whole lot more extreme might have made me somewhat cynical. But seriously, I'm almost certain that there might have been more important stories to be told on the freakin' nightly news.

mercoledì, dicembre 01, 2004

dreaming of december...

Okay, so its officially December, and I have only one question- where did this year go? I'm sure I think/say that every year at this time, but I really mean it. Or least I'm really wondering what happened to November, becase I swear that month lasted for about a week. For a while, I've been saying, okay papers are due in December, but I have all of November to work on them. I still have over a month... And now that month is gone. Way gone. And my papers are due next week! Oops. So much for that dedicated grad student deal. Not to mention rent, I swear I just paid that a few days ago... well, okay, that one is true (totally not my fault that it wasn't paid until the 12th, talk to my roommate). So now I get to pay rent, not sleep so I can cram and finish my papers, and start on my Christmas shopping, because yeah, there's not a lot of buffer there anymore either. But there are good things about this month as well. Classes will be over next week, and I won't have to go back until the 18th (of January, how awesome is that?)! Maybe I'll use that time away from classes, etc. to plan my next semester better. Or maybe I'll just sleep a lot.