venerdì, novembre 14, 2008

here are some things I did today.

1. Forgot my classroom keys at home. I had to have my coworker use her key to let me into my classroom. Awesome.

2. Tried to make copies of worksheets only to have a) the copier break and b) somehow punch in the wrong number and wrong copy formation so I had too many of one paper and too little of another. Great.

3. Wear my shirt inside out until I noticed in the middle of third period. Fantastic.

4. call several students by the wrong name. Wonderful.

5. Barely make it through the day. But at least its Friday, which means I can go home. Just as soon as my coworker comes to lock my door.

mercoledì, novembre 12, 2008

semi-indulgent post about grading.

So here I am amidst a scene I am only too familiar with-- sitting atop my bed with papers and books strewn about every surface of my room. Furiously typing away on my computer, feeling slightly frenzied and desperately wishing for coffee.

But here's the difference. The papers, which were once solely mine, are now my students work. I'm no longer surrounded with books for my thesis or classes. Now I have the textbooks I teach from. Instead of drafts of papers that I've written, I have my students' papers. Essays, worksheets, quizzes, maps, homework, classwork. All of which needs to be accounted for. By midnight tonight. I'm down to my last stack--some random late work and one set of exams that need to be graded--so the end is somewhat in sight. I'll finish all this work, return the papers, deal with questions about grades and so on. And then it will happen all again. I'll assign more homework, more projects, more writing assignments, more maps, more bookwork. And it will all start over again. And again. And again.