mercoledì, gennaio 26, 2005

A short rant

Parent's hide your children. Don't let them near the tv. Run for the hills. The terror is upon us. Spongebob Squarepants is gay. And not just in the he's happy to be living in his pineapple under the sea sort of gay. No, I'm talking about the sweet sweet same sex loving sort of gay. Spongebob was alledging seen in a "We Are Family" remake video promoting his special brand of love, alongside such other shady characters as Barney (also gay, hence the purple suit) and Clifford (the big red communist!) I guess Tinky Winky converted him. But seriously, I'm in shock that a) people continue to read entirely too much into cartoon characters (c'mon, they're cartoon characters, half the time they're not even supposed to make sense!) and b) that in a video made to promote diversity and harmony that its wrong to include a supposedly gay character. Because they don't deserve to be treated the same as everyone else. The last time I checked, this was the 21st century, not 1950, right? Now I know I definitely lean towards the liberal side of life, but this is really going too far. I'm not saying that everyone has to agree and promote everyone else's ideologies, but I think a certain amount of respect between people can be reached. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking... but I hope not.

venerdì, gennaio 21, 2005

the glamorous life of a grad student...

"You know you need money!
Marky, give us a call!
Sell us your soul!
Just... kidding!"

Okay, so it's Friday and once again, I'm being a bad employee at work. Shocking, I know. Well, I officially started my spring semester this past week, and so far it's going pretty well. That might have something to do with the fact that I've only had one class (my others are on Monday), but hey, who's counting? Anyhow, things are going pretty well down here in SoCal. The weather has even mellowed a bit- it was freakin' 80+ degrees here last week. Seriously. I wore a skirt and sandals the other day, in January. Not that I'm complaining per se, I definitely prefer this weather to the other options of snowstorms etc. that can be found in the rest of the country. But still, you have to admit, it's very unnatural... My cold has receded to a minor annoyance, and it seems that my family is also on the road to various recoveries, for which I'm thankful. The only blight on this otherwise happy day would be the lack of my paycheck. I feel as if a limb is missing- the limb that pays for things. My boss- who for the record is crazy (not kidding on this one; the other day he called the office to ask what time it was. No explanation. Just demanded the time and then hung up.) doesn't know where the checks are. He's also not here right now, so that may have something to do with it. The other guy who handles administrative issues is also gone and also has no idea where my money is. So that leaves me who, as you can guess, is also wondering where my monetary goodness could be. I'm a little worried, mostly because I'm really depending on that check so I can buy my friend Patricia a wedding present for the wedding, which is in a week! So thats how my week has been, warm and poor. Come to think of it, that's how most of my weeks are... interesting.

martedì, gennaio 18, 2005

What a week!

So after an eventful week, I've come to the conclusion that it is not a good time to be a Dove (and no, I'm not talking about the bird- that's a whole different story). This epiphany came to me after spending the past weekend at my palacial country estate in Moorpark (otherwse known as the house where I grew up in the middle of nowhere). I went home after receiving a phone call from my mother saying that she broke her arm, which as you can imagine definitely freaked me out more than a little. Fortuanetly, it was a clean break, and she's had her surgery and is waiting for her spiffy new cast. The doctors said her bones were very strong and that she should heal relatively quickly. But still, not a good thing. Then the next day, my grandmother tripped on her sidewalk and hurt her knee- not excessivly badly, but this is not something that one of the elderly generation should be doing. And my dad's been sick with a cold, which he lovingly gave to me when I was home. So basically, everyone in my immediate family has an ailment of some sort. I'm thinking of calling my family in England, just to make sure that they haven't caught the plague or mad cow disease because after this weekend, I wouldn't even be surprised. So this has been the excitement of my life, just in time for classes to begin tomorrow, yay. I'm hoping that we got all the bad stuff out early in the year and that it will be smooth sailing until 2006... I guess only time will tell. On a happier note, shout out to Liz and her entrance into the barista lifestyle, congrats! I'm definitely expecting some quality, lovingly made coffee when I'm up in Northern California next weekend :)

mercoledì, gennaio 12, 2005

Another year, another blog...

Wow, I haven't posted anything in over a month. I can only wonder what the heavy impacts of my fateful decision on my billions of readers might have been. So to all you thousands, I apologize for this lack of support from me. It wasn't that I wasn't thinking about the millions of you, its just that I wasn't posting anything. See, doesn't that clear everything up? I'm glad we had this moment. Well, anyhow, its officially a new year, which means... I'm not quite certain what this means, but its still a new year regardless. I have a feeling that I'll be spending this year in much the same fashion as I've spent the past one. Lots o' reading, lots o' paper writing, and lots o' random postings that make very little sense. And on that note, I'll end this little post with high hopes for this upcoming year...