mercoledì, aprile 16, 2008

I'm like the Anti-Midas

You know how Midas had that rad power that everything he touched turned to gold? (although to be fair, it kind of bit him in the ass at the end, right?). I'm kind of like that these days. Except every electronic item I touch loses it's will to live.

For instance: my laptop, whose inexplicable desire to turn itself off was a problem I finally fixed (it was overheating mainly) and now can stay on for hours, but no longer has a bright screen. As in totally dim, almost black. In order to see anything on it, I have to shine a bright light and squint as I attempt to find the mouse. This, as one can imagine, makes using it somewhat problematic. Currently, I am typing on a keyboard and looking at a monitor screen, both of which are plugged into my sad, beleaguered laptop.

I borrowed a friend's laptop today, to do some work while I pretend to be a law student... but all it did was freeze every time I plugged my flash drive into it. Which really does not help with the productivity. So that's been fun.

Tomorrow I'm going to pretend to be a law student some more and use the computer lab. Hopefully, I won't set off some sort of campus-wide virus.

Oh, and just to add insult to injury, my cell phone (whose battery has also had some issues of late) has started this fun game in which people call me, and I can't hear them. I can pick up the phone call just fine, and apparently if you're on the other end you can hear me, but I have no idea if you're professing your undying love for me or just asking to borrow a pie tin (not that I ever really get phone calls like this, but for all I know I could have had a dozen in the past few days).

That's it. I'm getting off the grid.