martedì, marzo 27, 2007

and i thought i had a lot of quirky ideas

Its official. German people have way too much time on their hands. Way, way too much time.

lunedì, marzo 26, 2007

I'm not sure how I feel about working in the office in the morning...

So the UPS guy just came into the office and told me he required an adult signature for the package he was dropping off. As in "Are you an adult, miss?"

Thanks for that sir. Nothing makes me feel great like mistaking me for a minor.

In other exciting work news, I changed my background to this picture. It makes me happy. Unlike the UPS guy. Oh, and people who are weird on the phone and/or come into the office in a scary group and make demands of me that I can't fulfil. And then get mad when I tell them that whatever they want can't happen. And then be generally creep and odd.

Anyhow, think good thoughts that the rain holds off so I can go hiking this afternoon.

That is all. (yay for Mondays)

mercoledì, marzo 21, 2007

verbal diarhhea of the worst sort.

I should be in bed. Sleeping. Instead, I'm at my desk, with too many thoughts running around in my head. Way too many thoughts.

Tonight I hung out with some of my married friends (I'm getting to the age where this is a more frequent occurrence-I find this equally awesome and unsettling.. well, maybe a bit more of the latter). It was weird, all of a sudden, I felt engulfed inloneliness. And I'm not a person to dwell on such things, nor am I one to really
commit it to writing, but here I am. With nothing but pithy thoughts to not even commit to paper, but rather a sillyInternet blog. Writing, rather ineloquently I might add. I feel like my timing is off. I keep missing the good get togethers, the days and nights when everyone is together and I'm somewhere else. Yet, when I'm here, everyone else is somewhere else. I hate that feeling. Is this normal? I'm 25 years old, I shouldn't feel this way anymore. Maybe this is what working with teenagers has done to me. I'm reverting back to my awkward adolescent self (oh dear), complete with
silly insecurities. I'd like to think my fashion sense and general outlook on life has gotten better though. But still. I find myself unsettled. perhaps its because I'm not settled in my life. And yet, I don't want to be. And I do. And that, my friends is what it all comes down to.

This really wasn't my intention. I was going to write about my annoyance with itunes
and computers in general. I was going to make myself laugh with some silly turn of phrase. I was going to acknowledge my lack of decision making with an ironic note that tomorrow I will be a guinea pig in a decision making experiment (ah, the things we do for money). Oh, the things I was going to do..

mercoledì, marzo 14, 2007

a banana? really?

This morning I found a banana peel in my desk.

I'm really not certain what to make of this.

Anyhow, I'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet solitude in the classroom before the kids start baning to be let in. Its the only time of day that I can listen to my music and actually enjoy it. Also, I can sit at my desk and not ask someone to stop punching someone else (in fun, so its okay, right? um, no.), or to stop climbing on the desk, or to stop running, yelling, swearing etc etc etc. Basically, I like this time of day. It alsmost makes getting up absurdly early worth it.

I'm pretty excited to drive to California tomorrow. Somewhat unexpected as I planning on flying in for a quick visit mainly to take the CSET on Saturday and then fly back out Sunday morning. Now I'm driving down tomorrow afternoon so I can have an interview at Sac State on Friday afternoon. Think good thoughts! (all three of you who might read this, heh)

Okay, time to let the demon children in...

mercoledì, marzo 07, 2007

I am blogging. Defiantly.

There are two other people in the office with me right now. It's almost like there's been some sort of nuclear holocaust which has only affected our office, and we three are the survivors. Except, in reality, everyone is at a training in another town, and there was only a handful of us who didn't go. It's extremely surreal, however. And it makes my already dwindling work ethic diminish with increasing frequency.

Okay, so I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly work was over, and now I'm back at home with a foot that is currently smelling like an old man.

Perhaps I should clarify? (yes?)

My foot has been hurting something fierce for the past few days, so tonight I thought I would soak it in some Epsom salt and then slather (oh, what a fun fun word) on some Icy Hot. The result? My foot still aches, and now smells like an octogenarian.

In other (exciting) news I'm in the process of acquiring a new cell phone. This search has caused me no small amount of excitement and anxiety. Excitement because I'm always excited when I get to play with something new and shiny. Anxiety because I have way too many choices, and am therefore freaking out. This seems like a truly and purely American problem: too many choices leads to freak out. What other country has so much that it becomes a problem?

Anyhow. Today in class one of my students told me they were all going to go to Canada (spelled like "Candana" natch) but I wasn't allowed to come. Which, if you think about it, is still nicer than wishing for my imminent death.

So I like to take that as a sign that things are improving. Right?

lunedì, marzo 05, 2007

just a thought

Bathroom writers of Eugene (the likelihood of any of these people actually reading this blog is tiny... oh so tiny, but still. One never knows, eh?),

the proper spelling of "every" actually contains a "r"

Just thought you would like to know.