giovedì, novembre 30, 2006

To Live and Die in Eugene

Dear Eugene,

So I've lived in your fair city for over two months now* and I have some issues I'd like to voice... er, write.

1. Radio stations.
Now, I appreciate the availability of KWVA- the local college station- anytime I feel like listening to random undiscovered music and other assorted randomness, you are most often there for me. And NPR, how can one live without NPR? The country stations are decent, as is the oldies/classic rock. But your rock stations suck. Could we possibly listen to something other than Mudvayne? Maybe some Radiohead, some Wilco, some Sufjan Stevens, some anything? Portland has 94.7, it broadcasts all the way past Salem, why can't they just go a bit further? Or perhaps you, Eugene, could take the iniative and start playing decent music.

That would be great, thanks.

2. Drivers
Now okay, I admit, I'm from California, and am therefore biased to a let's say, speedier point of view. And, honestly, I'm fine with the drivers who prefer to take things slow. (Even if driving 5+ miles under the speed limit does seem a little obscene) But if you're going to be slow and annoying, could perhaps try not to kill me?! I don't think this is asking too much. Maybe everyone could stay in their lanes, look before they merge, oh and even, I don't know, use their blinkers?!


3. The rain/weather
Ohmygod. Anytime you want to stop, that would be wonderful. Oh, and then when its blessedly not pouring down apocolyptically on my head, maybe it could be... warm? And by warm, I mean perhaps more than 35 degrees? Also (and this just might be me), but my hair has been super staticky... so if you could do something about that too, it would be great, thanks.


4. Darimarts.

Is there something about Darimarts that just screams "meth heads! homeless men wearing quilts! grandmothers who buy steel reserve with their young impressionable grandchildren in tow! come one, come all!" I only wish I made this up, and hadn't, on several different occasions seen all of the aforementioned people at one Darimart or another.

On second though, maybe I'll just stop going to the Darimarts...

Okay, so that's all can I think of for now. But Eugene, you should now know that you're On Notice for these infractions. I expect to see some changes soon.

your pal, Alexandra

*so to be fair, technically I live in Springfield, which is basically Eugene, just with more meth heads.

lunedì, novembre 13, 2006

My old post is new again (its so postmodern)

Um, I meant to post this two weeks ago and... Apparently didn't. Yay me.

I went to Claremont and I all I got was this Cat o' nine tails..

... and a cowboy hat... and a gumby dreidel... and a whole lot of random memories (with pictures!)

Last Saturday I flew down to Southern California to visit family, friends, and In-n-Out (possibly the most important of all). After a fog-laden drive up to Portland (I literally did not see the sun until I was in the plane, flying into the sky) and an excellent adventure with airport security (where the twa man told me to get new shoes... thanks), I was once again in the balmy land of Claremont.

Er, actually I was at the Ontario Airport, where my wonderful friend Tina picked me up, only to drop me off at the mall. Yes, the mall. I was there to meet up with other friends, not because I missed the Montclair Plaza. We decided it was quite the '909' thing to do though. After being thoroughly frightened by the state of today's youth, I found my other friends and all was right with the world. Actually, all became truly right when I got myself (courtesy of Michael and Seth) to that all holy site of goodness and wonderfulness: In-n-Out. And it never tasted better.

We also went to Trader Joes, where I found two buck chuck at its normal and right price, two dollars! (Oregon, you're still on notice for that one)

We found this at the Halloween store. And were probably way too amused.

After that, I headed back to Claremont, saw some more friends, wandered the streets with Chris and a beer and got myself prepared for the evening's festivities. This preparation included an emergency visit to Tara's as I tried to make a boy's haircut out of a women's wig. Oh, then we had to take pictures on campus. So for all those whom drove up College Ave around 6:30 that Saturday, yes that was me on the statue. And yes, I actually was dressed up for Halloween.

(My costume was Mark from Rent, so basically I looked like a guy who liked to wear flannel and had a really, supremely bad blond haircut, who also liked to take pictures on the CGU wall)

I met up with everyone at Elaine's house for pizza and wine before the main event (part one); Terence's annual kick ass Halloween party.

Good times were had by all. Especially Jesus.

mercoledì, novembre 08, 2006

never trust the sun

This morning when I woke up the sun was shining. It was brilliant. I began to feel bad for all the negative thoughts I had recently been having about Eugene.

More importantly, I put on cute shoes.

Oh, if only I had known.

After an exciting morning signing papers and getting fingerprinted (for my teaching, yes, teaching! In a classroom at a school! Granted it's with potentially at-risk middle schoolers who might stab me... but still, teaching-yay!) I went to kill time at Barnes & Noble* and when I re-emerged, the sun had completely disappeared! And once again it was raining. And my adorable shoes were getting soaked.


Later, my day got even more exciting as I went to the county courthouse to get fingerprinted for my other job (seriously, what is with employers in Oregon? Do I not look trustworthy enough to deal with your mentally disabled and/or children?) only to arrive in the middle of a fire drill. I got to stand outside in the cold (but thankfully not rainy at the moment) with all the other county employees for a while before a mass herding began back into the building. After wandering the many (and confusing) halls, I finally found where I was supposed to go and was once again recorded in the state of Oregon. When I left the building, it was raining again.

My poor shoes.

*B&N was playing the latest Decemberists album, which if anyone wanted to purchase for me, they are as always, more than welcome.

martedì, novembre 07, 2006

random thoughts on a random tuesday

Its raining. A lot. And apparently it won't ever stop. Until April that is.

So I was supposed to go workout with Lindsey, but bailed. Now I'm sitting in my house, contemplating the never-ending rain and eating mini melty mints. Or whatever they're called. They should be called heaven. Because that's what they are.

This morning I learned that when I get the desire to give myself side-swept bangs, I should in no circumstances ever actually pick up the scissors. Thank god for scarves and bobby pins.

Actually I'm being a little overly melodramatic here. They're not that bad. But the aforementioned thanks still stand.

So I bought these beautiful brown pants from a thrift store a few weeks ago. I love them. They fit wonderfully, and I recently learned that they're actually a size smaller than I had previously thought. (Even though we all know numbers are arbitrary and are all part of the knowledge-power complex that is created by society... I don't care, it's a smaller number, yay!) But they have these random slits up the side. For about six inches on each pant leg. It makes no sense. So I safety-pinned them. Johnny Rotten, eat your heart out.

Have I mentioned the rain? Ugh.

lunedì, novembre 06, 2006

most parents send care packages. mine send hemingway quotes.

I got an email from my mother the other day. There was no greeting, wondering how I was, not even a "love mom."

No, instead there was this quote from Hemingway.

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry. ~ Ernest Hemingway"

I'm not entirely certain what it means (although I have some ideas). I do know that when I was home last weekend, my mother and I talked about Hemingway, so I'm assuming that's why she sent this to me. But I think its pretty indicative of my family and our quirks.

giovedì, novembre 02, 2006

The rain is melting away my sanity

So I'm currently writing a grant proposal to the Safeway Foundation for a film festival in Bend (one of the fastest growing cities in the US- interesting tid bit).

I have absolutely no idea how to write a grant, however. Instead I am writing pithy, nonsensical sentences that make me giggle.

Oh, and it's for our director (ie. the most important person in the office, and the person who could most easily fire my ass).

This can only end badly.

Unrelated, but if any one wanted to buy me the latest Mars Volta album, it would be greatly appreciated.