mercoledì, settembre 26, 2007

transportation thoughts

Every morning when I arrive at school, I get off the Muni Light rail, walk off the platform, and across the street to campus... accompanied by a crossing guard.
Our crossing guard technically is dressed in fluorescent yellow. But you get the idea. Now my campus is for college students. There are no children anywhere. And yet we need help crossing the street? Am I the only person who is confused by this?

Speaking of public transportation, it's one thing to ride the bus and have your bus driver freak out (see myspace blog). It's another to never have your bus show up! And then you have to take a different line, which doesn't really come anywhere near your house, and then you have to hike up your hill for what seems like forever, until you finally get home huffing and puffing. That's entirely different.

Now I'm off to pack for a wonderful weekend (yay!)

lunedì, settembre 17, 2007

here's some friendly advice

When in the restroom in the school library, always turn the water on slowly. Otherwise, you might turn the water on, have blast it out of the faucet like the hounds of hell were after it, and subsequently ricochet off your hands all over the front of your pants.

And while we're on the subject of wet pants, it would also be advisable to check the wetness of the lawn before you sit fully down on it. Because when you lower your person to the grass without checking it first (even though it's well into the afternoon, and the sun should have dried off any extra residue at that late hour), sometimes you might totally soak your seat. And sometimes you might soak your seat so fully that it doesn't dry out during a three hour (slightly uncomfortable) seminar, in which you might have to stand in front of the class and act out a skit.

Not that I would know personally for any reason.

I'm just saying.

(now how's that for a first post after many months?)