giovedì, dicembre 20, 2007

I wrote this the other day

So I survived my first semester. However, I barely survived the last week of it, in which I hit a car backing out of my driveway(!) got ragingly sick for a day and a half, experienced extreme trauma at the hands of Comcast, and spent far too many hours in the Richmond train station.

But now I'm back in my beloved Davis, attempting to create exciting and exhilarating lesson plans for my students. I'm at one of my favorite coffee shops; Mishkas, home of good coffee, delicious pastries, and free internet. It is also the home of various law and grad students. I am currently sitting next to two law students (who I know are law students because they keep talking about contracts and other law-related terms that I am now familiar with after living with and dating law students for the past year... albeit not all at the same time. I'm a little disturbed by how much terminology I now know about the law. Who ever would have thought?). It's absolutely lovely being back in Davis. Every time I visit, I am filled with wonderful memories of the years I spent here.

Definitely looking forward to a few more days in town (the company doesn't hurt, either).

domenica, dicembre 16, 2007

Can someone please tell me why

... Rhiana's song "SOS" is playing incessantly in my head?

That'd be great, thanks.

giovedì, dicembre 13, 2007

some random thoughts

So I'm supposed to write five random things about myself. (if you can't follow through in the blog-o-sphere, where can you?) So here goes.

1. I think I just made up that word, blog-o-sphere. And if not, too bad. I'm claiming it. It's mine.

2. In order to procrastinate today, I cleaned my bathroom. I bought rubber gloves for the event (because, let's face it, I live with a boy. And such precautions are necessary). It now sparkles and smells clean.

3. I'm supposed to bring a delicious food item for the potluck in my class tonight. I have no idea what to bring, no desire to make anything, and no money to buy anything more than a bag of chips. *heavy sigh*

4. I bought a really cute dress the other day. Now I own three dresses that I have never worn. Three! Clearly, people need to start inviting me to places where I'm supposed to wear a dress.

5. My last first semester (hopefully) will be over this Monday. All I have left to turn in is a paper on my theories of culturally sensitive pedagogy and two semester plans. My semester plans are looking good (so good in fact, that I color coded my units and important days). My paper however? Not so much. But that's what the weekend is for, procrastinating both days only to write in a frenzy Sunday night.

6. (I like to over-achieve when it comes to random lists) It's my birthday on Saturday. As with every year, I am looking forward to it, yet hoping that it doesn't suck (I don't have the best track record with birthdays... to date, I've experienced extreme windstorms which caused all the power to go out and all the water pipes to break, been forgotten, and had food poisoning... albeit all in different years. So I tend to approach the day with some hesitancy). However, this year we are having a game night/potluck. So that should be fun. And as long as there aren't any extreme storms or rancid food, I should be just fine.