giovedì, ottobre 25, 2007


I am nerdier than 54% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Thanks to Liz, I now know that I am this nerdy (although, this was mostly in terms of science-nerdiness... I think if it were academic-nerdiness test, I would score a lot higher)

Okay, back to paper writing. When will it end?!

domenica, ottobre 21, 2007

oh and?

Kid Rock currently has the number one album in America? I am both confused and extremely concerned about my country.

strangely familiar... but different

I've been here before, haven't I?

Sitting on my bed, laptop on my (well) lap, books and papers spread out around me, the paper I'm writing nowhere near completion. The sun is shining outside. I know this because my window is open, allowing the crisp cool autumn breeze in, and I can see nothing but blue blue sky out above me.

And yet, I'm in my room. Struggling to write in a clear, cohesive manner that does justice to my thoughts and ideas. And mostly failing. As usual.

Although things are different. The blue sky is courtesy of Northern, not Southern California, and instead of at least writing about something that I'm moderately interested in, I'm now forced to write about education. And my philosophy of such.

I just want to teach students about history. And how wonderful it is. And how the past is still present today in strange and amazing ways.

That's all. Fin.

martedì, ottobre 16, 2007

this is getting ridiculous.

Unbelievably unbearably ridiculous.

I have two assignments due tomorrow, and both are, well, see above. I'm having trouble starting them, continuing them, and finishing either of them seems to be mostly a distant dream (well first I have to actually accomplish the other two before I can even start thinking about the third). Essentially, this is another example of the ridiculousness of this program, and my extreme irritation with it all.

Plus, my bangs are really annoying me.

lunedì, ottobre 15, 2007

things I love

Radiohead and their new album. It's wonderful and it makes me happy.

The Teachers for Social Justice Conference I went to this past Saturday. Very inspiring and energizing. It basically reinforced my desire to be in this profession and hopefully do good things in it. The keynote speakers were amazing, and the workshops I went to had a lot of wonderful practical activities that I can see myself employing in the classroom. This has been one of the few times since I've started this semester that I feel really excited about everything (not that I'm not always excited, it's just the drudgery of the semester usually seems to overwhelm and take away any initial excitement that I would normally feel).

The music selection in "Chuck" No, seriously. The Shins, Spoon, Grizzly Bear... It's actually pretty impressive.

Oh, also Oktoberfest apparently. I went yesterday, and had a randomly awesome time. Drank a lot of beer, danced (horribly) to German music, and did I mention the beer drinking? On a related note, I also love living in this city. There is always something going on. It's a great location for someone who loves having random adventures as this city seems to thrive on it.

As for things I'm not so excited about... the reading that I have to do right now is probably pretty high on that list. Ugh.

martedì, ottobre 09, 2007

a conundrum

(Which, by the way, is a fun word say)

So the router in my house apparently doesn't like my computer. Or maybe my computer doesn't like th router. Either way, I can no longer access the sweet sweet wireless internet in my house. Which means I have to bring my compute rout into the living room and manually plug my ethernet cord into the router. In the grand scheme of things, this really isn't that big of a deal. I still have internet, I just have to work for it a little more. But still I'm annoyed. It's not really a conundrum (go on, say it out loud, it's fun!), aside from the fact that I either have my computer plugged in to the internet, but running on batteries, or I have the power cord plugged in, but no internet. And, yes, I realize that I can bring the power cord out with me to the living room... but its the principle damnit. It's the principle.