venerdì, dicembre 10, 2004

ranting about rain

So other night, after watching some quality WB-esqe programing, I started to watch the Channel 5 ten o'clock news. Now to preface this story, Channel 5 is one of the lesser known LA nightly news programs; local, but not excessivly so. So anyhow, the news comes on with its lead story. And what could this most important information about the day story be? Its raining. Seriously. That was the top story- rain. Perhaps there was a lot of rain, a torrential downpour or apocolyptical type rainfall, you might be thinking. No, there wasn't even an inch of rain on the ground. The guy who was reporting this late-breaking story live (from my home town of Moorpark no less) was standing in a light mist. I wish I was making this up. This was a Los Angeles news station, and apparently, the most important thing that happened in the entire Los Angeles basin (with over three million people living in a relatively large area) is that it rained. Sort of. I know here in SoCal, people get freaked out by the rain, and maybe after living in other places where weather can get a whole lot more extreme might have made me somewhat cynical. But seriously, I'm almost certain that there might have been more important stories to be told on the freakin' nightly news.

mercoledì, dicembre 01, 2004

dreaming of december...

Okay, so its officially December, and I have only one question- where did this year go? I'm sure I think/say that every year at this time, but I really mean it. Or least I'm really wondering what happened to November, becase I swear that month lasted for about a week. For a while, I've been saying, okay papers are due in December, but I have all of November to work on them. I still have over a month... And now that month is gone. Way gone. And my papers are due next week! Oops. So much for that dedicated grad student deal. Not to mention rent, I swear I just paid that a few days ago... well, okay, that one is true (totally not my fault that it wasn't paid until the 12th, talk to my roommate). So now I get to pay rent, not sleep so I can cram and finish my papers, and start on my Christmas shopping, because yeah, there's not a lot of buffer there anymore either. But there are good things about this month as well. Classes will be over next week, and I won't have to go back until the 18th (of January, how awesome is that?)! Maybe I'll use that time away from classes, etc. to plan my next semester better. Or maybe I'll just sleep a lot.

martedì, novembre 23, 2004

What did I ever do to you?

It's official, my computer is plotting my demise. I think it got used to the light attention it received over the summer, and then when I kicked it into high gear with the oh-so-joyful paper writing it decided that enough was enough. (I think its still mad about the whole coffee spillage/new keyboard) incident. But its been seriosuly lashing out at me lately. Freezing during important sentences, deciding to take a break right in the middle of converstaion with friends, and this is the worst-completely shutting down in the middle of a blog (which for me and my sporadic writing, actually does kinda suck). I'm not sure what the deal is, or how I can make it up to my crazy computer. Hence the reason I'm writing this at work (and well, the fact that I'm a bad employee). Sigh. This is why I like books. Books can't die on you (unless you count burning, or getting obscenely wet, or losing them on a bus... ) well, anyway-they're still safer than computers. And I should know, because my life can be measured by the amount of pages I read in a day... on an utterlay random note. Also while at work today, I looked at the Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Catalogue (because lets face it, its not like I'm going to actually work or anything) and I came across a fur coat for dogs. Is it just me or is that a little excessive, not too mention redundant? How many coats of fur does a dog need to be sufficient? I'm almost certain that people can find better things to spend their money on... like buying me a new computer...

mercoledì, novembre 10, 2004

elderly thoughts

So I always thought I had an old soul- I like going to museums, reading good books, listening to Classical music, etc etc... and I've always joked about wanting a walker/wheel chair for my 30th birthday. But things have gone too far. Today, I went to work, which was fine- spent some time typing, some time (okay a lot more time) playing on the internet, then I went to lunch. Got back from lunch (mmm togos!), and began to help my boss unpack shoes- ahh the glorious life of an office assistant at a chinese shoe company- and then it happened. My back totally spasmed. And not just "oh, I have a back spasm" spasm; more like an "oh sweet moses! I can't move my back hurts to damn much!" spasm. And this pain has stayed with me all day. Everytime I move, bend over, turn, breathe, my back hurts. It hurts right now in fact. Which begs the question, what the hell is wrong with my person? Literally, if its not my knees, its my hips, and now if its not my hips, its my back. What's next, my gallbladder? Is that even how you spell gallbladder? I just don't know. Maybe a good nights sleep and some ensure will make things better....

mercoledì, ottobre 27, 2004

The ironies of my life

So I had a job interview yesterday (because apparently I don't have enough jobs and need more). It was at the School of Theology, in the Center for Process Studies. Went really well, except for the whole we can't hire you part. Not for a lack of talent, experience, etc on my part, no because of the government. See, I qualify for work-study (thank you grad school), there are a boat load of work-study jobs available, the school wants students to have work study, but the government, well, they don't really want to give up any money. Which, yes, is a problem. In fact, money has been cut by 46% in the past two years. So now, even though I've basically been hired, I'm #18 on the waiting list, and have to wait for 18 current students to graduate, leave, or be somehow kicked out of school so I can actually work at the job that I was hired for. Thank you federal government. But the experience was not an utter waste, as I did learn about the history student who, after being found wandering around campus wearing a only garbage bag, was asked to leave last year. And I thought going grey (which I seriously am, therefore giving me another thing to stress over, which then leads to more grey hair, and the vicious cycle continues) was bad... at least I'm not wearing a trash bag... yet.

venerdì, ottobre 22, 2004

Questions that need answers!

Okay, so I'm in a quagmire (heh, funny word). Halloween's coming up and I have no idea what I'm going to be! Any thoughts my loyal (and plentiful) readers, okay, Liz?

lunedì, ottobre 18, 2004


So this is my new favorite word: Shacknasty. As in Shacknasty Jim, an Indian fighter in the Modoc Wars. I learned about Shacknasty Jim in this book I just finished; River of Shadows by Rebecca Solnit. So good! It was about Eadweard Muybridge, who was the first person to photograph movement in 1872, and his role in the creation ofthe Californian identity. I'm usually not that interested in Western history, but this book was really well written and engaging, and also included many interesting anectdotes. One of my favorites was about Joshua Norton, who in 1859 proclaimed himself "Emperor of the United States" as well as the "Protector of Mexico." Whats really great is that until the end of his life, people accepted him into their homes and gave him stuff, never ostracizing him. Somehow I think if I proclaimed myself emperor of the US, people probably wouldn't give me the same reception. Although you never know...

martedì, ottobre 12, 2004


I'm getting a new car- something that I've been desiring for many a year. Its a Huyndai, and while not brand new, its newer than my 13 year old Toyota, Simon. Now don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about this new car- worrying about shaking on the freeway, bad alignment, annoying car alarms and fears that the car won't turn will now be a thing of the past. So yes, joyful times will be ahead, but I'm also really sad! Simon was the car that I took my drivers test in, and most of my driving memories were had in that car. So essentially, my entire driving history has been bookended by this car. And now as of Thursday it will come to an end. I think I just have a problem with endings. I hate saying goodbyes (a lot!), or when TV shows end, I have problems finishing books, and obviouslyI'm sad when I have to switch cars. But I guess this is something I'm going to have to deal with... eventually. The end.

mercoledì, ottobre 06, 2004

Is it wrong to want a syllabus?

Okay, so here are some things that I want in life. Not the eternal life-more like life right now. First of all, a job was be super. Preferably one that's not in Santa Monica or for crazy people. Just a nice officey job where I don't have to deal with too much craziness. Is that so wrong? Apparently, in LA it just might be. I also want to find a way to stand, because now (and I am not making this up) to go with not being able to stand sometimes on my left hip, I also can't put pressure on my right knee if its extended all the way. Seriously, what is going on? And I'm posting this to be all, oh look at me, I'm so sad. I figure it could only be my luck to have a bad left hip and right knee. One would think that they could at least be on the same side! But then again, I'm not in the Sudan right now, or any really bad place (unless you count the air quality in the Inland Empire). Actually I'm sitting in bed, with my laptop... so I'm guessing things can't be too bad after all. Although, I really still would at least like a job. And maybe one side of my body to handle weight :)

mercoledì, settembre 29, 2004

This is from my new favorite movie, "Garden State." If you haven't seen it, seriously, stop looking at this blog and go see it! it's amazing. Posted by Hello

martedì, settembre 28, 2004

Okay here goes nothing...

So yes, I have finally decided that the world of blogs needed another posting from yours truly. To be fair, i did attempt to post a while ago, back when I was working and living in Sacramento.... but then mass chaos ensued and I'm still not quite certain what happened, but the posting was gone. So very sad. And then it took for freakin' ever for me to get dsl (don't get me started, argh).... but now I have dsl, I'm typing, and posting, yay! Except that now my battery's getting low. It's always something- damn the man (save the empire). But yes, hopefully this will be the start of great things. Despite my lack of employment status, I have plenty of reading to put off and many other scholastic pursuits to ignore, which will most likely result in exciting posts. Thanks grad school.

martedì, agosto 03, 2004

once again, not working..

So I just tried to go to my super fantastic blog spot thing... and apparently, i forgot the second o in the address, which is good, because for a moment there, i really though aaron's bible university was my blog spt thing. but then I quickly realized my mistake, and i doubt that it will be made again. Sadly, that my have been the highlight of my day so far... unless of course one counts the computer not recognizing and subsequently deleting the file that i have been working on for the past week! Oh yes, i do love my job... (heavy sigh)