mercoledì, agosto 13, 2008

oooh, a teaching post

Had another orientation where I was told such valuable tidbits as "don't give your keys to your students" and "don't sexually harass your students." So yes as you can imagine, it was a truly worthwhile experience. All in all though, the day did get me thinking about stuff I probably should be thinking about, what my first day being Monday(!) Also, I re-signed my contract (yay for full time! All benefits covered! Higher salary! More days off!)

I had my first nervous freak out tonight. I was wondering when that was going to start happening again. Oh yay, its starting now. Finally started writing my syllabus though, which has made me feel more settled. Tomorrow, I'll be spending the day at school getting some "professional development." I'm hoping this will somehow include coffee and muffins.

In other news, I got my keys to my first period classroom. And now I'm slightly afraid of the maintenance man at Burlingame. There were several threats as he handed the keys over, my favorite of which was "if you don't hand this key directly back to me at the end of the year, I will hunt you down over the summer." I'm pretty sure I don't want to find out if he was kidding or not.

domenica, agosto 03, 2008

wait, summer is over?!

Its already August, and as such, my summer has about a week left in it. And what a summer its been. I moved to Davis just short of two months ago with no fall job prospects and no place to live in San Francisco. I was essentially resigned to subbing and living in a crappy apartment in Daly City. For the summer, I had a job I knew would be okay, but wasn't too excited about. Oh yeah, and I had a boyfriend.

Cut to a week after moving (and a few days before starting the job). Suddenly, I still had no job prospects/living arrangements, but I was also lacking the boyfriend as well. Lots of tears, lots of good friends.

Started working, discovered that I actually really liked my job. Kept me disturbingly busy and tired. Every weekend was spent having some random adventure or another (barely spent any weekend time in Davis in fact). Started to get over the ex, continued the (oftentimes futile feeling) job search. Still nothing.

A few weeks ago, I called one of the schools I had applied to (just to see if they needed any more documents, etc). They offered me an interview the next day. I said hell yeah! and almost quite literally jumped into my car and drove the bay. Had the interview, thought it wet horribly, and bought myself a vanilla cupcake for its consolation purposes. The school called not two hours later and offered me the job! (Of course, I accepted). So now I was healing from the lack of boyfriend, and had acquired gainful employment. Things were definitely looking up.

Went to San Francisco last weekend to look at a few places. Liked the first one I saw, visited some more, became convinced by my friends to take it, called the guy later in that day and signed the lease.

I am not an impulsive person. I am the person who waits to the absolute last minute to decide on just about anything. And yet this summer has been full of impulsive decisions. Drive to Eureka? Sure. Go to Grass Valley for a week of camp? Why not? It definitely has not been the summer I had planned for or had expected but it turned out to be pretty decent. And now its just about over. This will be the last week of my summer job, then next weekend I pack up my car and move back to SF. I have a week of meetings and orientations and then bam! my real life job will start. You know, the one that I've been talking about doing for the past several years while I did other things (see: grad school, moving to other states, etc.). But for this Sunday morning, I'm going to go outside and try to enjoy my last weekend in Davis.