giovedì, febbraio 03, 2005

The epic battle rages on

Okay, so I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most technologically advanced person. But nor am I a dimwitted fool. So today I decided that it was time to jazz up this sorry excuse for a blog and add some pictures (and also it was better than studying). So I made my way merrily to the blogger site and followed the lovely directions and downloaded the needed software, etc. etc. All was going well until I thought to take things a step further and actually go about adding some pictures to my blog. And that's when it all fell apart. I attempted to sign in, only to be viciously halted by the statement that my email needed to be verified. "Alright," I thought to myself, "a minor setback, but I can get through this." I typed in the correct information and waited patiently for my email to arrive with further instructions. It was non-existent, so I tried again. And again. And then some more. Hours (and work and various other nighttime activities) later my emails are still somewhere in cyberland, taunting me with their lack of presence. I'm finding myself at an impasse- unable to move forward, yet completely discontent with this present state. Sigh. Will this story ever have a happy ending, possibly one with visuals? Only time will tell.