martedì, novembre 29, 2005

I lost my head in the sun

I have come to the realization that reading Judith Butler's Gender Trouble in a day and a half was probably not my best idea. But its done now. And that's all I can focus on at the moment. I promise to write a more coherent, decent post soon. Just as soon as I wrest my life back from the abyss that is the end of the semester in grad school.

Oh, and I'm in love with tomato soup. The one from Trader Joes? Delicious. And I should know, as I seem to have it at least once a day, everyday.

mercoledì, novembre 16, 2005

You know its sad when the flower delivery man pities you.

So I was walking home after registering for my classes (awesome because a) I live around the corner from campus and can walk there anytime in a minute- a fact that I love! and b) I signed up for classes that I really want to take! "Nineteenth century Social and Cultural European History" and the "Cultural Turn of interwar Fascism") and I espied (love that word too) a flower delivery man leaving a bouquet on my doorstep.

"Are you Sarah?" he asked.

"No, thats my roommate" I replied (ohmygosh, I should totally become a fiction writer, what do you think Vanessa? Do I have it?)

And that's when I saw look of pity on his face.


martedì, novembre 15, 2005

what's up, matador?

I'm getting a zit on my nose.

So I made a cake.

If that doesn't sound logical to you, you're either not female or you have no soul.

Last night, I went to "coffee talk with the Jewish Student Union" at Pitzer College. A mass email had been sent, there was the offering of coffee and Tara wanted to go. Seemed like a no brainer, right? A nice easy study break.

Um, no. Such was not the case. Tara (who I should mention is about the furthest thing from being a Jew, what with the blue eyes and Irish heritage) and showed up to a rabbi lecturing to a dozen students about why the Jews have been kept down. There was also great mentioning of how we were all Jewish, and could tell each other's inherent Jewishness, just by looking across the room. of course everytime he said this, I would look at Tara and start laughing. I don't think the rabbi appreciated the humour. Oh, the best part, though, was the one other male who showed up, who felt the need to challenge the rabbi on everything. It was seriously beyond awkward. So awkward it was awesome. Needless to say, Tara and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. It was a pretty good study break though.

Other random stories and adventures? I played beruit the other night (beer pong for you non Eastern folk) and totally kicked ass. Yes, the girl who lacks the hand-eye-coordination of a toddler totally won. My teammate Michael is a mathematician (Seriously. Ask him about water volume sometime) and he was nothing without me.

Okay, enough bragging. But can you tell that I'm excited? Its so rare that I actually excel in things not related to reading massive amounts of books or falling down in public places, that I just have to get what gloating in that I can.

mercoledì, novembre 09, 2005

"guitars and rockets have surprising similarities"

If anyone asks, I'm in the library. Thats where I told everyone (including myself) that I was going after work. But, ah those best laid plans, right? Instead I'm sitting on my bed, wearing a plaid skirt, not reading about the Irish. But hey, what else is new? I really was going to go to the library, I walked my poor feet and ankles all the way down, got near the doors and realized that I couldn't do it. I've already been up since the 7 o'clock hour, finishing and preparing for a class. After said class I went to work, where I was until about half an hour ago. And I really was going to the library. But like I said, my feet hurt. And my phone battery is nearly dead. How pathetic is that? I can't be somewhere because my phone abttery is dying, and I need to have my phone with me, fully charged at all times. Although in my defense, I do need it, because I'm supposed to meet up with people later at an English department party that I'm crashing. See? These are all viable reasons as to why I coudn't be in the library tonight. Right?

But I promise- I'm going to do my reading, I swear. Any minute now.

domenica, novembre 06, 2005

Let the Sunshine In

Here's some random thoughts from the past week:

My itunes just finished playing Rancid's "Ivory Coast" in which the refrain is "who is the killer?" The next song that played? Thursday's "I am the Killer." This is why I think that a) my computer is alive and b) its totally trying to mess with me.

I was reading the back of my toothpaste the other day (what, like you don't do weird stuff too?) and apparently for best results, one should "use with a soft bristle brush." Are there hard bristle toothbrushes available to the general public? That makes me think of hard wire brushes, like the ones used to clean barbeques. I don't imagine that would be a pleasant sensation for one's teeth.

I have a large bruise on my inner thigh. Why? I rode a mechanical bull last night. If I hadn't been wearing a skirt (albeit a longer one, so I was not in any way indecent) and patterned stockings (so cute! but not ideal for bull riding), I definitely would have stayed on longer (although I think I had the longest run of anyone there).

The other night when I was preparing for bed, I found in my bed: a book, a pen, some tissues (unused of course), two scarves and a notebook admist my pillows.

A few nights ago, I was riding my bike and almost fell over on a street in front of a car full of people. They had stopped to let me cross the street on said bike, and as I biked past them I tried to me nice and thank them by waving. This apparently got me so off balance that I nearly fell over and had brace myself with my foot on the ground to avoid completely eating it.