mercoledì, gennaio 31, 2007

oh, the youth of today...

Today at lunch, I had a quarter thrown at my head.

It was at this point that I lost any cool points which I had racked up during the
morning and yelled at all the kids to take a seat. I mean, really yelled. So loud, it actually got most of the kids to take a seat. One girl told me, "Oh, I know youdidn't just tell me what to do. No one does that." So I apologized, and asked her nicely. Later, I was apparently forgiven for my gross error as the afternoon passed in relative stability. The only really notable moment was when student in the middle of a math lesson burst out with "you know what my favorite word is?Guacamole. I hate it as a food though" and then went back to work.

I also picked up a nickel that was flying around the classroom during lunch. I pocketed it.

martedì, gennaio 30, 2007

That don't know nothing about my soul oh they don't know

So apparently, all I need to post consistently is more hours at my boring desk job. The kids were off today and yesterday, so I came into my other job early, which has subsequently led to more random blogging drivel from yours truly.

I don't know what it is about Wilco's "Theologians." I love this song: it never ceases to make me happy. If you've never listened to it (or any Wilco, for that matter), I strongly recommend it. However, I find myself thoroughly annoyed at the musical presence of Daughtry. Granted, I haven't actually listened to any of his songs, but I find the fact that he goes by his last name utterly lame. Who does that? And for he record, I have nothing against singular named artists, I freely admit my love of Madonna and bands like Owen. But Daughtry? Come on.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with the teachers at my school. We discussed new schedules, and some new incentive programs to try to get the kids more motivated about their schooling. I think I'm going to try to bring some snacks for them to give out for good behavior (weirdest thing- I brought snow peas and some fruit leathers last week, and the kids went crazy for them). It was a really good meeting, nice to feel like we're all on the same page. And, and, they're giving me more hours! The teachers totally advocated for us to work more, as its better for us (hello more money) and way better for the kids- more structure and consistency in their day. I'm pretty excited about the whole deal. Of course, I'm in the midst of my four day vacation from them, so we'll see if this cheery optimism lasts. The only downside is that I'll have to quit my morning pilates class, but I imagine an extra two hours or so of chasing children down the hallways everyday should at least make up for it in come capacity.

lunedì, gennaio 29, 2007

walking out of stride

You can't really tell, but I swear that says "2007"

Now that its almost February, I thought this would be an ideal time to reflect on the New Year. So far, its been a good, interesting time. I've been trying to put myself out there more, and really take advantage of the fact that I live in a cool city with interesting people.

Its not much, but its a goal.

Another goal is to actually be on time to work. Its weird, because I absolutely abhor lateness... and yet I'm constantly finding myself struggling to get to work on time. What is the deal? So to that end, perhaps I should stop this blathering and actually get to it, eh?

giovedì, gennaio 04, 2007

This is not interesting.

For the second time today, I've had a thought, been distracted, and have completely lost said thought. It's utterly and absolutely gone. Lost to somewhere in the ether of my mind. Never to be heard from again. *sigh*

I really feel like I went through a war today. Not in the sense that my day was extremely violent, more just draining. I think every emotion that one can think of was experienced by either me, another teacher or half of my students. It was utter madness. And yet, I will return tomorrow. And possibly the day after that (although to be fair, that won't actually happen, as it will be Saturday... but you get the point).

Perhaps my inability to hold a thought is somewhat related to the insanity that is working with middle schoolers?

Addendum: Why is is that I can't remember the things I want, and yet the things I don't want to or need to remember never seem to leave my mind?
See: infortmation about exes, academy award winners of the eighties and other assorted random facts.

time for a crossword puzzle (compliments of my new york times page a day calendar!) hey, never once did I say I was actually cool.