mercoledì, luglio 21, 2010

Once more, with feeling*

I keep feeling like I should address the fact that I haven't written in while, sum up the past year, yada yada yada (which, strangely enough, I keep typing as "yadad" and after searching on the internets, I discovered its apparently an anti-drugs for kids program. Perhaps I was subconsciously channeling a DARE-esque vibe today? Anyhow. I digress.)

But instead all I want to write about is the weather. Because it is ridiculously cold! Today, as I walked to the pharmacy, I bundled up in jeans, sweater, long jacket and scarf. This is not the appropriate sartorial choice for July. Not at all!

I'm going to Southern California tomorrow to visit friends and family, and all I want is some warm weather. *sigh*

*fun fact! this is also the title of one the greatest episodes of one my favorite shows :)

mercoledì, agosto 26, 2009

Guess who has a deviated septum?!

Yeah... went to the doctor today as per the ER doctor's orders last week (even though the swelling on the nose has gone down and the bruising has faded to the point where it just looks like I have a REALLY heavy hand at putting on makeup... and apparently I have bad aim as well? My left eye has some lovely shades of purple above and below). She checked me out, and then pronounced that she was referring me to a specialist so he could tell me about the surgery I'll need. So I guess I'm going to make an appointment with the specialist and see what he has to say. Utter ridiculousness.

All this because I thought it would be fun to join a kickball league. I'm going back to my safe sport of polo, I think.

domenica, agosto 16, 2009

Things that I dreamt about last night.

Forgetting my syllabus.

Thinking of a different activity, only to discover there was no overhead projector in the classroom.

Not having my keys to my classroom.

Being transferred to a different school.

Not knowing which classes I was teaching. Asking the department chair (at the new school) which classes I was teaching, only to have him not know either.

Biking to school and almost being run over by cars and students.

Not being able to find my syllabus/worksheets in my classroom as the students arrived.

Not having any of my whiteboard markers work.

Not being able to write "Good Morning" legibly on the board.

Having my classroom be in a house at the top of a steep, gravel hill where there was lots of construction and I feared the jeep I was driving (I know, what?!) would fly backwards and end up in the lake at the bottom (yeah, I really don't know).

This time tomorrow, I'll be in the classroom, trying to convince a whole new group of teenagers that I really do know what I'm doing and that I really do have my shit together. Wish me luck!

martedì, agosto 11, 2009

Blogging as procrastinating (who knew?)

Well, its official. Summer is just about over. As of next Monday I will once again be known primarily as Ms. Dove ("you don't look like an Alexandra, you just look like a Ms. Dove") and will once again shape and mold the youth of America (well, a few hundred of them at least).

So what am I doing with my final week? Preparing? Lesson planning? Organizing papers, etc.? Of course not! Instead I'm making a cell phone jail. Yes, that's right. A jail for cell phones. There are very few things that really get under my skin and bother me about my students. 1. homophobic slurs 2. disrespectful attitudes 3. texting in my class. I can't do too much about #1 & 2 (not that I don't dream of large pieces of duct tape and/or the Panopticon ), but I'm taking #3 into my own hands (damnit)! I'm not too certain of the success rate of this proposed cell jail (ha!), only time will tell I suppose. But at least I can procrastinate with slightly less guilt now.

In other unrelated news...
I joined a kickball team this morning. And then realized that Alexandra + sports = not always the best combination. But it should be interesting at least, and I'll probably acquire some more entertaining stories of how my lack of coordination led to me falling down in front of a large group of people as they gasped in horror. Good times.

Contemplating growing out my bangs and/or shaving my head. Thoughts?

This spring I'll be teaching a health class. While I'm not (at all!) stoked to be giving up a history class, I imagine the randomness of such a venture will be worth the extra planning, etc.

Okay, back to my jail construction.

mercoledì, luglio 15, 2009

I just don't get it...

Why do people like running?

I'm sorry, but every time I force myself to run (and to be fair, these events are few and far between) I spend the entire time cursing the activity and generally hating life. Supposedly there is such a thing as a "runner's high" (which fyi, if you google, you come up with interesting images), but it's a mystery to me. *sigh*

domenica, maggio 03, 2009

And this is why I haven't written in a while. Ugh.

venerdì, novembre 14, 2008

here are some things I did today.

1. Forgot my classroom keys at home. I had to have my coworker use her key to let me into my classroom. Awesome.

2. Tried to make copies of worksheets only to have a) the copier break and b) somehow punch in the wrong number and wrong copy formation so I had too many of one paper and too little of another. Great.

3. Wear my shirt inside out until I noticed in the middle of third period. Fantastic.

4. call several students by the wrong name. Wonderful.

5. Barely make it through the day. But at least its Friday, which means I can go home. Just as soon as my coworker comes to lock my door.