giovedì, aprile 14, 2005

Yup, still not studying

Instead of studying, I've decided to share some more random observances on my life. First of all, let me say that I'm typing this as Access Hollywood is on in the background (I'm waiting for the OC, bitches!), and can I just say that I'm over Britney and her baby? Not that I'm wishing her harm or anything, but the amount of press that this has generated is a bit obscene. As my favorite morning show Kevin and Bean on KROQ said, if the pope had impregnated Britney, then yes, that would be newsworthy and deserve a lot of press. But she's a pop star! So maybe people can calm down a bit, for my sanity. In other baby news, I was listening to NPR this morning and they did a story about a woman who was surrogate for an impotent couple. Apparently, she's going to have quintuplets-unplanned. The reporter started talking about her $15,000 fee, and I must admit, I was totally expecting to hear how she was demanding more money or something. But the lady had waived all the money, saying that the parents were going to need all the money they could get. Now that's a baby story that deserves press. But seriously, I thought that was such a wonderful gesture, and it was a great way to start off my morning. Which was very full, as I started my new job today. At another shoe company. I don't know what it is about me and shoe companies, but apparently I have an affinity for assisting offices that deal with shoes. I'm not sure what that says about me, but it's money so I'm not complaining. Instead, I'll stick to complaining about my classes and reading and paper writing and more reading etc etc etc...

martedì, aprile 12, 2005

This is how much I don't want to study

So here I am, sitting on my couch. I should be writing my paper, or reading some poetry, or something about colonialism, or primitivism, or postmodernism... are you catching a drift? But I'm not. I have no motivation whatsoever. And I don't care. So put that in your pipe and smoke it grad school.
So instead, I'm going to write about the lovely things I saw today. While driving home, I saw a truck with the decal that said "My Other Ride is Your Mom." I only wish I was joking. Then, not two seconds later a car full of shirtless highschool boys, who made gestures at me and my roommate. Thank you Inland Empire for these lovely memories that I'm sure I'll treasure. If only these were the exception and not the rule about life down in Rancho Cucamonga. Hopefully soon, I will find a cute one bedroom place close to campus and I'll never have to leave Claremont's city limits. I'm counting the days.... seriously.