lunedì, ottobre 23, 2006

4pm now means good morning

Today I learned that if you're in a bad a mood and/or do not want to be around people, being a glorified receptionist is probably not the wisest career choice.

Especially if you choose to work in the non-profit sector.

It does help the pay the bills, though.*

On a completely unrelated, yet happier note, In-n-Out is 882.7 miles and less than five days away!


*Apparently its recommended that one does this on a monthly basis, thus preventing one's subsequent incarceration and other related unpleasantries.

venerdì, ottobre 20, 2006

My nose is slowly being rubbed raw.

And there's blueberry cream pie that is taunting me from the kitchen.



Fridays in the ofiice to be exact.

I am not a fan. And apparently my ennui (is that even the right word? Do I care?) is presenting itself in this very strange literary fashion.

What is that all about?

Today I read about a Californian congressional candidate (from the OC) who has been kicked out of the midterm race, bercause -get this- he was caught sending threatening letters to Hispanic voters. Apparently, he wanted them to stay away from the polls come November 6th.

Nice. I'm reminded of Reconstruction (only this time; much less lynching, much more public outrage... so that's a good thing at least)'

Can I go home yet?

martedì, ottobre 17, 2006

my amazing work ethic strikes again

So this is what happens when I feel crappy (ie. sickness in my throat = not good), my bosses leave early, and I have no worth ethic (although to be fair that last condition is basically me everyday). I end up finding random sites on the internet and subsequently come across fun stories. For example:

Drunk Norwegian breaks into prison

OSLO, Norway - In a different kind of jail break, a very drunk young man surprised prison guards by breaking into their northern Norway jail. "You might say we were a bit perturbed to find this person on our turf," prison warden Geir Broen said on the state radio network NRK on Monday.
Broen said the district prison in the Arctic town of Bodoe is rebuilding its outer fence, and that the man broke through a section of temporary fencing.

The weak fence is of no help to real prisoners seeking a way out, since they are confined within the walls of the jail compound.

The Norwegian, identified only as being in his 20s, was apparently was trying to find his way home after a Friday night party.
"I don't think this guy knew where he was, and he was pretty well under the influence," Broen said on the radio.

When police came to pick up the man to take him home, he told them he thought he was in Moerkved, a neighborhood about 6 miles east of the prison.

"I guess you could say this was notable day in the history of the Bodoe Jail," Broen said. "But I hope we don't have many similar incidents in the future."

(giving credit where credit is due, I found the story at:

On an unrelated note, today I got yelled at on the phone (when the person they were trying to reach was unavailable, the person on the phone decided it would be nice to freak out on me) and also had an interesting conversation with a man who told me it was both 9am and 7pm. What exactly am I supposed to say in these occurrences?

venerdì, ottobre 13, 2006

radiohead - nobody does it better

I *heart* Dwight

mercoledì, ottobre 11, 2006

eyeballs and other life issues

Is it possible for an eye to hurt? As in the actual eyeball? I swear my left one is having some serious issues. And we all know how I already have some serious issues with all things optical, this does not a good day make.

Apparently this is also a day for not making sense.

But alas, I shall strive to struggle on.

So last week, being the over-achiever that I am, I decided to have a quarter-life crisis and basically question everything I was doing with said life. At one point, while talking to my mom, I thought it would be a good idea to confide in her. She was actually (surprisingly) supportive of my life as I know it and confidant that I was doing the right things, etc etc.

But now, I swear, she and my father have been calling me everyday with ideas for what I could do with my life; both short term and long. So far they've come up with ides like:
I should create an art exhibit here in Oregon, and then "shop it" to our governator.
Or I should contact the History Channel and develop a series for them based on my thesis.
Apparently I could also create an Oregonian Art Ark program (never mind the confidentiality clauses I signed at the Crocker) and travel to local schools with it.

Now, I love my parents, and think their ideas are actually kind of cool. But the actuality of me implementing them is slightly far-fetched, right? Like I'm going to just call up Arnold and say "hi, I have cool arts program, want to give me some money for it?"

Than again, crazier things have happened. Congress recently passed a bill that allocates 20 million dollars for a giant victory party for when we win the war in Iraq.

So there you go. Maybe when we have that giant party, I'll have figured out what to do with my life.

domenica, ottobre 08, 2006

So how do you start a post on a blog that you haven't written in for months? I have absolutely no idea. So here's a random image. It makes me laugh. And you should too.

So anyway, these past few months have been good despite the lack of documenting them. I got to ride everyday, and while there were definite moments of aggravation (mostly from horses who thought it would be more fun to do their own thing rather than listen to their rider) I really can't complain. I mean how can you, when you're doing something that you love, and getting paid (albeit not as much as I would have liked) to boot? Of course now the conviction that this is exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life is stronger than ever. How I'm going to pull this off is still undecided however. *sigh*

La Grande was a good place to spend the summer. I'm glad it wasn't longer though. While it was beautiful, and many of the people very nice, it can be a tough place to live. Especially if you want to go to an art museum, or a bookstore, or a coffee shop. Or perhaps meet someone your age who doesn't a) live with his parents still or b) have children of his own or c) have a mullet. But like I said, I got to play polo, so I guess you win some, you lose some, right?

I did quite a bit of traveling as well this summer. Some for polo, some for random adventures. Visiting Claremont is always wonderful (as is spending time with my good friends) and also sad at the same time (because everytime I go, I know its only for a short bit of time and that soon I'll be leaving). There's a German word for this feeling, right? I just can't think of it right now.

Which also reminds me, I am doing okay not being in school! This is my first class-free fall, and it is not good. Which makes me even more certain that I want to go back to school. Now if I can just convince myself to be alright with making a definite decision... *sigh*

So now I'm in Eugene, working at a non-profit, living in a duplex, meeting interesting people. The summer is definitely over, and fall has brought some changed. Mostly good, which is nice. I'm excited to be an urban area once again. Of course I miss riding everyday- a lot. But all in all its good.

This is from my new favorite artist-Banksy. He's a British graffiti artist in the vein of Shepard Farley and basically gives me hope for the artworld of today. He went to Palestine, and under the cover of police protection (a definite irony) worked on the (horrible) wall Israel erected. Very cool stuff.