giovedì, giugno 29, 2006


I leave for my first tournament (in three years!) in a few hours!!!

Can we say excited?

lunedì, giugno 05, 2006

Oregonian Al

What happened to the last few weeks?

Well, I finished (short of a language test) my master's degree. Best sentence ever: "Your thesis was a joy to read and I am fully approving it." Woo hoo! Makes the 88 pages (112 if you include bibliography and pictures) worth it. And yes, I'm bagging about its length, because let's face it. That was one long thesis!

I then returned all my (102) library books, packed up my house, sent all my (other) books and assorted furniture to live at my parents, packed up my car and headed up to La Grande, OR where I now live (for now).

I've already played some polo and while my swing is nowhere where it should be, and I'm massively out of shape, I've been having one kick ass time!

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update, still working out the internet situation, etc etc., but I wanted to check in with my new status: Almost a master, according to the government unemployed, playing polo, and generally relaxing before I have to return to the real world (where I will hopefully have acquired a job). So that's the buzz from Oregon (yay!)