venerdì, maggio 19, 2006


I'm going to my surprise going away party tonight. Wanna come?

My wonderful wonderful friends in Claremont are throwing me one. I don't know any of the details, and I wouldn't even know about it, except I recieved a mass email mentioning it.

No one has ever thrown me a surprise party before. I'm very excited :)

mercoledì, maggio 17, 2006

I'm not talking about ethics, I'm talking about morals

Yesterday, in the middle of the my three hour work shift, I visited my friend Brad (who also works on campus) who made me breakfast. I told my coworkers, " I have to go to campus" and then came back an hour later with absolutely no explanation of where I was. No one asked.

Oh, and here's some words that I love:







et al.




There's a lot more, these are just the ones that I can think of right now.

venerdì, maggio 12, 2006

I was supposed to post this on Friday

So the past few weeks have been pretty insane. I finished up with classes, finished my thesis, took a language exam, went to Coachella, went to a Renaissance Faire, slept very little, spent many hours in the library, more at coffee shops and even more at my computer.


So technically, I'm not really done, as I have revisions to make on a seminar paper, possible revisions on the thesis, and I'm waiting to hear back from my language exam.

But I don't care!

As soon as I get off work today (in an hour) I'm going to a pool party at my friend Chris' house. I'm going to lie in the sun (wearing sunblock of course) and read something mindless.

And it was good.

So anyway, enough about grad school. I'm going to write about my time at Coachella, which pretty much kicked ass.

I went the week before my final week of classes, which probably wasn't the best idea as I had papers and a presentation that following week, but it was still worth it.

We got to Palm Springs in the early evening on Saturday, where I promptly dropped off some people and Tara and I went to the polo club. I stick and balled one of Sue Sal's ponies (one who I helped break years ago!) and even got Tara on the horse hitting a ball! It was soooo nice and got me really excited for the summer.

Its always a little sad when I go down there, because I remember Sal and my childhood, but mostly I feel really honored to have had those memories. I hope I can continue to make Sal proud.

After I finished riding, Tara and I met up our friends, had some good Mexican food, and then hung out at Shana's totally sweet condo. Seriously, it was way nice, and all we had to pay was the cleaning service fee. Major score. We had a good time hanging out, playing card games in the condo, and then I had to crash so I would have energy for the day ahead.

*actually had to do work, and then had more crazy days, so now its Tuesday night and I'm finally finishing this post*

Sunday I attempted (and failed) to study before we headed out to Coachella. After a pit stop at Big Lots (for sun glasses) and Denny's (for fatty yet filling food) and an hour long slow procession into parking we were there!

And ohmygosh, was it hot! Seriously. I forget how hot it can get in the desert. And insane! There were people everywhere, music playing, smoke billowing.

Here's who I saw:
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. very fun indie rock band. The drummer was insane, and all were impressed with how much the band rocked out inspite of the heat.
Minus the Bear. sooo good! They played all my favorite songs and everyone got to rock out.
Wolf Parade. had a lot of technical difficulties, so I only got to see four songs, but it was nice to get into the tent for a bit and have a repsite from the ungodly heat.
Bloc Party. freakin' awesome! Everyone was dancing, and totally enjoying themselves. They sound really good live. I was impressed :)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs. quite possibly my favorite group of the night. I had heard some of their music, but wasn't too into them, but man did they give a good show. Karen O is my new hero as she kicked some major musical ass. Soooo good!
Madonna. that's right, freakin' Madonna! Tara and I ended up sneaking behind a couple who consisted of a small woman and a very large man who cut a path through the thousands deep crowd outside of the tent and got us into the tent. They were so nice, and after they noticed what we were doing, would grab us to keep up with them. I told them if I hadn't had been so gross, I totally would have hugged them. I think they appreciated the sentiment. Once we got into the tent, we lost our friends, but the madness of the tent pushed us forward into the front third of the tent. I have never had so many gay men press against me in my life (and I lived in DC!). Worth every sweaty push. Because I freakin' saw Madonna in concert. And say what you will about her, she totally brought it. The woman is amazing.
Mogwai. caught the end, lots of lights, good music. Its Mogawi, how could it not be awesome. Tara and I laid in the grass and chilled.
The Go Team! another kick ass band with a frontwoman. Sooo much fun, I danced non-stop. Totally spastic uncaring free dancing. If you've never listened to their music, do yourself a favor- totally unique and awesome band.
Tool. Maynard came out and called us all hippies who he was going to "paper, scissor, rock and roll." And yeah, he pretty much did. Didn't get nearly close enough as I would have liked, but it was unbelievable. Definitly a kick ass show.
I also caught a bit of Digible Planets, Massive Attack, Coheed and Cambria, Los Amigos Invisibles, and while I did not personally see him, James Blunt and his creepy creepy eyes was felt. That dude is weird.

It took us almost two hours to get out of Indio and onto the freeway, and then just as long to get back to Claremont, but fortunately Michael drove. I was hot, smelly and gross. I probably inhaled more than oxygen. I saw some amazing bands, and a whole bunch of crazy people. All in all, a good time.