mercoledì, luglio 21, 2010

Once more, with feeling*

I keep feeling like I should address the fact that I haven't written in while, sum up the past year, yada yada yada (which, strangely enough, I keep typing as "yadad" and after searching on the internets, I discovered its apparently an anti-drugs for kids program. Perhaps I was subconsciously channeling a DARE-esque vibe today? Anyhow. I digress.)

But instead all I want to write about is the weather. Because it is ridiculously cold! Today, as I walked to the pharmacy, I bundled up in jeans, sweater, long jacket and scarf. This is not the appropriate sartorial choice for July. Not at all!

I'm going to Southern California tomorrow to visit friends and family, and all I want is some warm weather. *sigh*

*fun fact! this is also the title of one the greatest episodes of one my favorite shows :)