sabato, aprile 29, 2006

need a book?

So I literally have a small walkway carved out in my room which leads from my bed to the door. The rest of my floor space is covered with books, papers, more books, sometimes my computer, oh yeah, and some books.

Apparently in the madness that was writing a thesis, I forgot that I also had two seminar papers due. Oh yay.

Sadly, I have very little in the way of exciting things to report from my life. I've seen more of my friends in the library than out of it. Its like the new social scene in Claremont. All the cool kids are there. Seriously, though. I actually had to leave the other day because I was running into too many friends and wasn't getting any work done. Who ever said grad school isn't cool?

Oh, but this afternoon, I'm going to Indio (the poor man's Palm Springs) to go riding.. and then tomorrow the Coachella music festival! Which, yes, is exciting!

So that's about it for the day. Back to writing about fascism.

lunedì, aprile 24, 2006

"I'm not dead yet! I'm feeling much better!"

Yes, I know, I've been excessivly lame about writing lately. My theory is that my thesis took all my words- I literally used them all up. But its coming to a close- think good thoughts that I'll finish my revisions this week and it will be accepted and I'll turn it in and turn in my books and not think about women and art and the fin-de-siecle, except to reminisce about those crazy months where I went a little insane writing and editing and writitng, oh my.

As you can tell, I'm still a little loopy. I have about three weeks left of grad school, which is swiftly becoming a mightily fearful entity in my mind. But also an exciting one. This summer should be interesting (although also sad, as I'll be leaving my Claremont friends and life behind). Of course first I have to finish my course work (yes, I still have two more papers to write, ugh!), so we'll see how that goes.

But I promise I'm going to be better about writing, because lord knows, my life is still full of randomness and strange occurances. :)