sabato, novembre 24, 2007

Three weeks is just too long

This semester should be over now. I'm tired of stressing about papers and projects and jumping through ridiculous hoops and having nightmares (yes, that is plural) about presentations.

Why, oh why did I think it would be fun to go back to school?

mercoledì, novembre 21, 2007

Apparently this post is all about food

I am normally a person who enjoys the holidays. I love people getting together, eating lots of food, sharing conversations, eating food, making memories, consuming food... well, you get the idea. But I have to admit, Thanksgiving, while normally one of my favorite of holidays (heavy on the food, not so much on the soulless commercialism that infuses Christmas and other holidays*), has been giving me some issues as of late. And I hate that. I hate that horribly illogical thoughts that I know have no basis in reality are seeping into my brain. Silly events of the past are rearing their ugly heads and I want it to stop. Out out, damn thoughts!

Anyhow, tomorrow I will be heading out to my second Thanksgiving this year (and possibly my third the day after? My word, but I am a glutton this year). I flew down to my parents last week, after a brief layover in Claremont. It was a wonderful few days, filled with good people, and good food (there is definitly a theme afoot). I came back to the city yesterday, ostensibly to do some work and visit my school site. And, well I visited my school site, so that's something at least. And tomorrow, I will be gone again. Off to eat some more. And that's the last time that I'll mention food in this post. (I hope)

*unless, of course you think about the history of the holiday, which is basically a horrible reminder of all the wrongs the US government perpetrated against the indigenous peoples of this continent... However, I choose to focus on the food.

giovedì, novembre 08, 2007

In the epic words of Ice Cube

"Today was a good day."

And it was!

I began the day with a stomach full of knots and a serious case of the nerves. Why, you might wonder? I taught my class for the first time. Ever. And it was scary! But good! I gave a lesson on art movements in the nineteenth century, and while it wasn't the most exciting lesson ever created, I think most of the kids were engaged and somewhat interested in the lesson. I had them look at images of art, and we talked about what they saw in each, and then I led a guided note-taking activity. I actually had a few minutes at the end of class, so I asked if the kids had any questions. One asked if I was nervous. I replied, "are you kidding? I'm still nervous." At this point the class all told me that I had done good, and then they all clapped.

It was awesome.

I know, I know. I'm a total cheeseball, but still.

Later, I had my C&I course (Curriculum and Instruction... one of the few classes that I don't feel is pointless). We spent the first part of class at an exhibit on Ancient Rome in the Humanities Building, where we all ate yummy (yes, in my tummy) food, and drank free wine. My prof and I had a bonding moment about this profession, which was nice. It was also nice just talk with my classmates, and get to hang out a bit. Later, a few of us (prof included) got into a great discussion about inequity in education, and how we need to radicalize our students. Now I'm all fired up.

So that was the day, nervous and scary and great. And now I'm exhausted. So I'm going to finish preparing my lesson plans for tomorrow and then go to bed (yay).