giovedì, dicembre 29, 2005

last post of '05

And what a lame post its going to be, as its nearing midnight, and I need to go to bed soon as I'm getting picked up for my trek up north tomorrow morning. (my very spur of the moment, slightly unplanned, but will hopefully provide many good memories trip up north) I have of course packed too much, and I won't use half of the stuff I brought, and will be mad at myself for forgetting something else. But so it goes, right?

What am ambivalous way to end the year.

I have to admit, I'm a total sucker for that train of thought; this is the last time I did this this year, that's the last time I did that. I actually noted to myself that yesterday was the last time that I would take out the trash in 2005. Like I said, I'm a sucker. Admission is the first step... I think.

I think I'll be postmodernly ironic and comment on the year that was when I get back in 2006. Time is, after arbitrary. Baudrillard would be so proud.

Happy New Year my friends!

giovedì, dicembre 15, 2005

Increase da peace


This picture has nothing to do with me finishing papers... I just came across it during the countless hours spent with my laptop lately and thought it was funny. Bceause its the perfect picture- two lovely ladies sharing my (roommate's bed), a beer, and brownie mix. Heaven. Honestly, what else do you need in life?

lunedì, dicembre 12, 2005

my favorite chords

my mommy just called to say she knew how hard this week was going to be and that she loved me.


i love it when parents surprise you by treating you like you're still their baby, but its on one of the rare occasions that you were actually loooking for that kind of support.

this week is going to be hell, but my mother cares

domenica, dicembre 04, 2005

"I like your nose."

Okay, seriously. Where did the weekend go? Wasn't it just Friday, oh I don't know, twenty minutes ago? My Mondays are really poor (although this will be the last bad one, because its the last week of classes, woo hoo!), so my Sunday nights are always a little depressing, because I know that I have them directly ahead of me. Ugh. Next semester will be better, I think.

Wow, getting a little ahead of myself now.

Backing up (a wee bit): So Friday I went to a goth club. Oh, and that's not even the weirdest bit. My friend Paul is a DJ, and sometimes DJs at goth clubs (as well as at our campus events, he's really good!), so a couple friends and I got gussied up in our finest black apparel (sadly, I didn't take pictures, so I'll try to paint one with words... I was rocking the tall boots, some sparkly tights, a black lacy skirt and an extremely tight-so tight I know now the pain that Victorian women had to go through with their corsets- strappy velvet top... my hair was up in messy buns and dark eyeshadow was upon my eyelids...) and supported his mad skills at a club in Pomona (in the Arts Colony, which unlike the rest of Pomona, is not super sketchy). The goth club is in the back part of this restaurant/bar?/club? called Yesteryears, which as the name implies, was a stomping ground for those friendly with the AARP. It was super fun walking past the stage, in front of all the tables in our black apparel. It was even more fun to walk out later, when the band was playing and the one lone elderly couple was dancing. I love freaking people out sometimes :) Anyway, I was telling (er, typing) about the weirdest part of the night, which occurred when a couple friends of my friends showed up. The girl was complimenting my friend Tara on her hair, Tara traded a compliment back towards her bag, when the guy busted out to me, "I like your nose." I don't think anyone has ever said that too me, but hey a compliment is a compliment, right? I'll take what I can get.

After that exchange, friends and I danced to Paul's music, and generally had a good time, despite the potentially creepy bartender. Tara, Terence and I ended the night at the quality Denny's where much fried goodness was consumed. mmm, fried goodness-so bad, and yet soooo good!

Saturday and Sunday were paper writing days, always a good time... or not. Although I did have an entertaining Saturday night (an Sunday night too, for that matter). I decided to get my Betty Crocker on and make some cookies. Tara helped me decorate... and I must say, we did an excellent job!

So here are Tara and I candidly frosting cookies:

This was an homage to my confusion regarding the holidays:

Pirates love decorating cookies too!

Bunny attacks Candycornhenge. Yes I made a cookie version of Stonehenge. Yes I am that large of a nerd. Deal with it.

After the cookie extravaganza, I brought some awesomely decorated cookies to Chris' where we played Trivial Pursuit (the 80s edition, yes!) and watched Saturday Night Live, which normally would not be a monumental activity worth mentioning, except that the musical guest was James Blunt, and he was quite possibly the creepiest singer ever! It was awesomly strange, but very memorable.

Okay, I've written way too much, time for bed and the hell that is the week ahead.. and on that rhyming note, I'll bid you adieu.

venerdì, dicembre 02, 2005

losing my mind, slowly but surely....

Well now that is December, I'm thinking of writing about November. If you're surprised at all by this, you probably haven't met me. So its the Friday of an incredibly long week/month. During this week, I read When Ladies Go A-Theivin' (historical work on Victorian middle class women shoplifters), Regeneration (novel about Siegfried Sassoon, the British anti-war poet from WWI), Gender Trouble (everyone's favorite "sex is determined" text), The Female Cyborg, and some articles. I also quasi- finished a paper and started another one. And that was this week alone! So you can see why my posts have been spare/slightly incoherent/just not there.


Its 5:30 on Friday night, and I don't feel like writing any more on Kant, or Schiller, or aesthetics in general. Okay, I've on written an intro paragraph and one sentence beyond that, but I am no mood to deal with semantics, okay? So instead, I'm thinking of writing some random stuff (hah! I never do that!) about this past month. Because lots of things happened, although to be fairly honest, I'm not too certain where to begin. And my mind is so tired/frazzled, that I'm not if I even remember half the madness.

Another thing I can't seem to remember? Where I put my wrist pad for my laptop (my wrists are weak, and I like to rest them, but alas, it is nowhere in sight). This is not the first time that I've lost something this week. A few days ago, I lost the book that I was supposed to read for class. It was in my backpack. In a folder. I looked all day for that book, and the fucker was on my back the entire day. *sigh* I'd like to think I'm going for that absent-minded genius look, but I think I'm a little too thick on the former, and pretty light on the latter.

I can't believe how dark it is outside. Seriously, its really really dark. Which always makes me think of snuggling up with a sweetheart near a fire. But while I'm lacking the sweetheart (blah, blech, bleg is how I feel about that), I have a fireplace... however, my roommate and I are unsure if the flue (is that even the correct term?) is open, and its a weird gas fire, and we have fears of asphyxiating ourselves... so I think I'm 0 for 2 on that front.

Oh! I was writing about Thanksgiving, et al, right? It was a really good day. I drove to Moorpark, where my parents and I then drove to my grandmothers. Not ten minutes into said drive did I realize why my parents drive me insane and was instilled with an even greater desire to secure a means of employment after graduation. But it was a good (and filling!) meal or tryptophan laced goodness. After this first meal, I went back to my hometown and hung our with Michele for a bit. Had the normal girl talk, etc. etc. good times. On my way back to Claremont, I stopped in at a family friend's house, who I hadn't seen in years. And I ended up eating another full meal and spending numerous hours with said family. All in all, it was quite a good day. The rest of the weekend was, well, not so much fun. As I wrote a paper, and tried to get some prepatory research done for other papers. Oh baby, do I know how to celebrate the holidays!

So yeah, that was this past week or so. I know I said I was going to write about the rest of the month too... but instead I'm going to make myself dinner. Sorry. But I'm hungry, and we all know how I love food. Okay, I can't really end on this note, because that's slightly pathetic. So instead I will end with a quote:

"The bottom line is that (a) people are never perfect, but love can be, (b) that is the one and only way that the mediocre and vile can be transformed, and (c) doing that makes it that. We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating"

The quote is from Tom Robbins. If you don't know who he is, do yourself a favor and go find out! And the picture I think I found on NPR. Happy Friday my friends.
love alexandra :)