mercoledì, settembre 29, 2004

This is from my new favorite movie, "Garden State." If you haven't seen it, seriously, stop looking at this blog and go see it! it's amazing. Posted by Hello

martedì, settembre 28, 2004

Okay here goes nothing...

So yes, I have finally decided that the world of blogs needed another posting from yours truly. To be fair, i did attempt to post a while ago, back when I was working and living in Sacramento.... but then mass chaos ensued and I'm still not quite certain what happened, but the posting was gone. So very sad. And then it took for freakin' ever for me to get dsl (don't get me started, argh).... but now I have dsl, I'm typing, and posting, yay! Except that now my battery's getting low. It's always something- damn the man (save the empire). But yes, hopefully this will be the start of great things. Despite my lack of employment status, I have plenty of reading to put off and many other scholastic pursuits to ignore, which will most likely result in exciting posts. Thanks grad school.