domenica, agosto 16, 2009

Things that I dreamt about last night.

Forgetting my syllabus.

Thinking of a different activity, only to discover there was no overhead projector in the classroom.

Not having my keys to my classroom.

Being transferred to a different school.

Not knowing which classes I was teaching. Asking the department chair (at the new school) which classes I was teaching, only to have him not know either.

Biking to school and almost being run over by cars and students.

Not being able to find my syllabus/worksheets in my classroom as the students arrived.

Not having any of my whiteboard markers work.

Not being able to write "Good Morning" legibly on the board.

Having my classroom be in a house at the top of a steep, gravel hill where there was lots of construction and I feared the jeep I was driving (I know, what?!) would fly backwards and end up in the lake at the bottom (yeah, I really don't know).

This time tomorrow, I'll be in the classroom, trying to convince a whole new group of teenagers that I really do know what I'm doing and that I really do have my shit together. Wish me luck!

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